Diana in Zürich 28th – 29th September 2019

Teacher Impressions from the Seminar

Kerstin Joost, Switzerland

The workshop with Diana in Zürich was Incredibly special for me. It was my first time on stage with Diana working as her translator. I had dreamt of this opportunity for quite a while and the angels helped to manifest it. What an amazing experience! I was excited because it was also my first time translating for a live audience. Constant concentration and focus were essential and I was so happy that I understood what she wanted to express, being a teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light. Diana helped me a lot, and I was encouraged by the positive feedback from the audience, so I was able to relax and enjoy my work.
I sensed I was deeply connected to Diana and the spiritual helpers who filled the room. We were working as a team – everybody could feel it. Diana`s great sense of humour uplifted us all and helped us to gain a sense of unity. A truly special weekend indeed, that I will personally never forget. I hope to be on stage next year again and to enjoy all those beaming faces.

Wiebke Detlefs, Germany

It was a delight to experience Diana on stage and enjoy her empowering visualisations and exercises.  A huge circle of Lightworkers, who were strangers on the first day, became friends by the second day. Thank you Diana!

Katharina Lachenmayr, Germany

A remarkable weekend of community and a time for cleansing and uplifting our energy. We enjoyed beautiful exercises and visualisations, which helped us to anchor the high-frequency energy of the new Golden Age within our bodies. There were powerful exercises like “Clean up the inner cellar;” “Explore yourself;” “Let go.“ We also enjoyed visualisations such as “Visiting the Temple of Poseidon;” “Connecting the Chakras with the Stars and their Ascended Aspects” and “Journey to the Halls of Amenti” that filled our whole being with light.
We learned about the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria. Spiritual work with Angels, Unicorns, Dragons and Ascended Masters allowed us to bask in blissful frequencies. I especially liked meeting like-minded people, who I may have seen before in Diana’s seminars. Getting to know each other better through doing exercises together, experiencing and feeling a deeper connection. We ALL are on the way, according to our prenatal plans, to master our path of Ascension and to work with our talents and gifts for the highest good.

Yvonne Buschmann, Germany

During the seminar, there was a magnificent energy throughout the conference room. I felt very safe and secure. I felt a deep sense of growth and evolution within thought the powerful meditations. The creation of a portal for animals was also very potent – filled with love and gratitude. What I loved best was visiting the Halls of Amenti and the Temples of Atlantis.

Bettina Barbara Siemsen, Germany

I am filled with deep gratitude and the most amazing high frequencies I have ever felt in my heart and my whole body and mind. Heartfelt thanks to you dear Diana for these miraculous 2 days in the splendid city of Zürich. Coming together with “old” friends and getting to know new ones was exciting. Performing exercises with each other deepened the experience of being together – a huge beacon of light for the New Golden Age. I loved going out for dinner with Diana and my friends of the School to a beautiful vegan restaurant near the lake of Zürich. We had a marvellous meal and so much fun together. I am so looking forward to Diana’s seminar in Zürich next year.