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Unicorn Teacher Training In Person In Mumbai

Unicorns carry the highest energy of love. They work at the soul level. If you wish to uncover your soul purpose, heal relationships and raise your vibrations to the highest energy of love, this training is for you. Learn all about the Unicorns and the different ways they can enrich our lives. 

Experience the magic and wonder of Unicorns!

Learn to deepen your connection with the Unicorns. 

Work with them in every aspect of your life.

Teach your own Unicorn Workshops and sessions worldwide!

Become a certified Diana Cooper School of White Light Unicorn Teacher 

Or Learn for your own personal development 

In person training in Mumbai, India

Training dates are – 2-7 August

For previous graduates the dates are 5-7 August and the fee is 396 pounds

Set up your free discovery call. Get in touch at WhatsApp +91 9920100123

Email – growwithsurabhi@gmail.com

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