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Transform Your Life Teacher Training Online

Everything we experience in life is a gift for learning. When we understand, accept and work with this “gift” we can let go of conflict and struggle and start living in love, light and harmony.

To achieve this we have to look at both personal and spiritual mastery. Transform Your Life Teacher Training is a unique programme which combines both mastery of the physical, mental and emotional bodies with a deeper understanding of the universe and how to apply its Laws to our daily life.

If you are inspired to help others on their pathway and want to  guide them into fulfilling their soul’s purpose then the Transform Your Life Teacher Training Course is the one to choose.

This course is delivered over live, one to one sessions on Skype or similar platform.
There are 18 sessions of approximately 2 hours to complete the course (12 if you already hold a teachers certificate)
Dates for the sessions are agreed as we proceed through the course.
Learning in this manner is ideal if you prefer to study at your own pace and your schedule does not permit you to attend traditional training courses.
Please contact me if you would like to take this training as the start date is flexible and can be scheduled to suit your needs. You will work one to one with myself as your Master Teacher enabling all dates and times to be flexible.