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Towards 2032

Towards 2032

Online Teacher Training workshop

Our planet Earth is undergoing a shift in consciousness so that we can all live at a higher frequency of love, wisdom, co-operation and peace. We are incredibly blessed to be incarnated right now because the opportunities for spiritual growth are enormous. We are being offered an opportunity to create Heaven on Earth. This work is vitally important for the planet to transcend to the fifth dimension. 2012 marked the beginning of a cleansing of the World, where mighty energies poured down onto the planet to help people to raise their vibrations. The World has begun to change and it will emerge as a fifth dimensional planet in 2032. The higher the consciousness of the people the easier these changes will be, therefore the more people we can inform and enlighten the better it will be. This course offers help and assistance to work with and integrate these energies.

Workshop includes 6 sessions of teacher training module and 12 sessions of Towards 2032 modules. Dates are flexible and can be mutually decided.

Those who have already done teacher training can join 12 sessions of main module.

If feel inspired to join this online teacher training programme, email me to ashesalome@gmail.com

Or call +91 9819473037