by Asha Doshi

I love going out in nature during the rainy season, or just after the rain. Nature is at it’s best. It looks more clear, clean and nourished. It gives you the message: clear your baggage and clutter from your life.

I visited a garden just outside my house. The soil was muddy after two days of heavy rain, but the sunlight looked brilliant on the lush green trees. I was looking for a place to sit under a tree and thought I might not find a clean place…

Here I found a raw quartz stone (I think) underneath the tree, welcoming me to spend some time with it. Do not complain that you are in a city… You always find nature when you admire it.

My task that day was to connect with nature and spread the golden light to the earth, trees, grass, plants and flowers. So I began connecting.

The pathway with steps going upwards told me about how my life is going to be with the workshop I was planning. The cave-like structure indicated that every dark tunnel has light at its end. So never feel disappointed with the temporary phases of sadness in your life.

The Ashoka tree told me to stand tall and see life with detachment. The almond tree spoke to me about being generous and grateful. Banyan tree told me to embrace everything with love and to deepen my roots.

The white flower with seven petals reminded me of the presence of seven Sanat Kumaras. The orange and yellow flowers reminded me of Archangel Metatron. And then I took some time to sit on a beautiful stone and meditate.

There is a place within all of us which is called wisdom stone, where we sit and meditate, and receive wise guidance. Where we listen to our heart. It is the place of our wisdom.
Sometimes we encounter a situation in our life where we feel bitter and upset. When someone reacts very strongly or disrespectfully with us. Recently, I was upset with a person’s behaviour and I decided to disconnect with that person.

So many times we hear that we have to stay away from “toxic people” and “toxic relationships”. Is this the right approach? When we tune into our 5th-dimensional wisdom we know that the world is our mirror. When we centre ourselves and sit on the wisdom stone we realise that no-one is toxic.

You prefer to stay away from them because somewhere you triggered some toxicity in that person, which is not a healthy and wise thing. You stay away from them to create peace within you and them, instead of creating toxic feelings.

Always remember you are awesome, no one is judging you or punishing you. They are just giving you space to grow wisely.
Blessed be!
Much love