Join us in this Healing Meditation

Katharina Lachenmayr


Invitation to join the Diana Cooper School of White Light meditation in March 2022. You are invited to come together in Spirit for healing work and meditation with joy and gratitude.
Connect in Spirit with teachers and friends of the Diana Cooper School of White Light and people worldwide who are in service for divine light.


1. Set the intention to bring healing and peace to yourself and the world by connecting to the beloved Archangel Uriel and his Angels of Peace.
2. Invoke the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame to dissolve any stuckness in your energy fields.
3. Call your Guardian Angel and Archangel Uriel and all Angels of Peace that are now waiting to connect with you.
4. See them pouring their pure gold light into and around you. Feel the light embracing you in a bubble of pure gold light and sense your frequency
shifting and radiating pure joy and peace.
5. Feel the Angels’ Love filling all your bodies. Feel there is only LOVE. There is only GRACE. There is only PEACE. There is only JOY. You ARE Love.
6. Let the Love, Grace, Peace and Joy flow through your open heart and see it spreading over the world. See the angels pouring their pure light over the world. Together you bring healing, love, grace, peace and joy to humanity and the planet.
7. Thank the angels for their healing and love.


Please feel free to send love and healing energies as long as you think needed.
You are invited to say the Vision Prayer for the New Golden Age.

Vision Prayer for the New Golden Age:

I have a vision where all people are at peace, fed and housed
Every child is loved and educated to develop their talents
Where the heart is more important than the head and wisdom is revered over
In this world, justice, equality and fairness rule
Nature is honoured, so the waters flow pure and clear, and the air is fresh and clean
Plants and trees are nurtured, and all animals are respected and treated with
Happiness and laughter prevail, and humans walk hand in hand with angels
Thank you for the love, understanding, wisdom, courage and humility to do my
part to spread the light
May the entire world Ascend
So be it
(Diana Cooper)

Please feel free to repeat the healing work in March 2022 as often as you feel guided. Also, please forward our healing work to your friends who enjoy meditating and connecting with us.

May divine light, love, compassion, tolerance, peace and joy spread everywhere!
Thank you very much.
With Love and Angels’ Blessings,