Visualisation with Archangel Haniel and the Unicorns to Raise the Vibration on Earth

Service Work for June 2022

By Gabriele Bucher

This meditation was scheduled to be broadcast on our YouTube channel in German on Monday, 6th June 2022.

Invitation to join the visualisation and connect in Spirit with the teachers and friends of the Diana Cooper School of White Light for creating the New Golden Age.

1. Centre yourself and connect to the heart of Lady Gaia and the Source.
2. Ask Archangel Michael for the blue cloak of protection.
3. Call a Fire Dragon, an Angel of Love and a Unicorn to come to you to purify your lower energies and keep your vibration as high as possible.
4. The unicorn accompanies you through the dimensions until you arrive at a landscape brightly illuminated by the full moon. There Archangel Haniel awaits you. She, the Angel of the Moon, shines in her turquoise light.
5. She invites you and everybody who joins this journey to step to the edge of a lake made of pure moonlight.
6. With the help of Archangel Haniel the pure light of the lake slowly rises into your feet, into your body and up into your head, filling you totally and then enfolding you completely. Everyone feels the light filling him with joy, peace and love.
7. Archangel Haniel now leads you to a meadow. There you form together a huge Orb of powerful, high-frequency light. In her grace, Archangel Haniel sends her turquoise light into the Orb. Gratefully everyone accepts her feminine, high-frequency energy and lets it flow inside.
8. She shows you what your collective light has accomplished. A road of light leads from the full moon to the earth and crowds of unicorns are streaming on it to the earth. They radiate their light wherever it is needed to raise the energies: into the people, into the animals, into the plants, into all beings on the earth and into the earth itself.
You watch the spectacle of light with enthusiasm. Every one of you thanks Archangel Haniel for her caring and loving light work.
10. On their unicorns, all return to their starting point, taking with them their light of joy, peace and love.
11. Feel your body and affirm that you are grounded. You are blessed for your cooperation in creating the New Golden Age.