by Kerstin Joost

I felt deeply touched by a message, that the angels sent me, and would love to share this with you. Over the last months, I felt really weak and powerless and did not see a way to bring my real me back to life again. This is how the angels guided me, by giving me clear and signs in a very loving way:

I am living in Switzerland and during a hot summer day in July I decided to go on a trip into the beautiful mountains. After a bus ride, I sat in a chair lift that would take me up the hill. Though it was a beautiful day I did not see any other people on the lift. After a while I saw a figure in a seat that was coming downhill. I expected to see a tall man but when it came nearer I realized that it was a huge brown teddy-bear! It made me smile because it looked really cute…and with a happy heart I continued my journey uphill.

The next day I was waiting at a train station when I saw another teddy-bear! It was placed by the pole of a tent, where people raised awareness for real bears that are held in captivity. This second bear touched me even more and now I was sure that it was a sign from the angels. But what was their message for me? At home, I opened Diana’s book “Archangel guide to the animal kingdom” and found the answer. She is telling us that the bears originate from Orion and carry a lot of wisdom in their solar plexus chakras. When they live in their natural habitat, their chakras shine a beautiful intense yellow light and in this way, they can spread their wisdom on Earth. If they are held in captivity this light becomes murky and dimmed and they cannot fulfil their life purpose (and of course live a miserable life).

This message went right into my heart and opened doors for me! How was I living my life? Was I living in the perfect environment to shine my light? The answer was a clear NO: I had a job, that did not make me happy at all but helped me to pay my bills. I had been so afraid to let it go because I did not see my way beyond this moment. I did not trust that there are much better ways for me to earn a living and that the angels are by my side to find them. Furthermore, I am living in a country that is really beautiful, but….has no ocean! And deep inside my soul is longing to live in my “natural habitat”, which is by the sea.

The bear gave me deep insights into what I had to change in my life in order to get back my power and joy of life. Wow, I was really blown away by this insight and the creativity of the angels. I am now making life-changing decisions and am really full of faith, that I am surrounded by spiritual helpers every single moment. A big thank you to the angels and the spirit of the bears ….and to Diana. In case you also feel a connection to the bears or are being connected to them by the angels, this is what they want to tell you:

You are a truly magnificent being on this planet. Yes, you! So remember who you are and stand tall. Then you can touch others with the knowledge and wisdom you carry in your energy fields. People and animals will honour and trust you. Be happy to walk alone until you attract like-minded others to walk with you.


Kerstin Joost, teacher of the Diana Cooper School of White Light (currently in Switzerland).