A visit to Archangel Gabriel’s ethereal realm above Mount Shasta for purification, clarity, and awakening for all people on planet Earth

Written by Sabine Spandl, Austria

As you prepare yourself by grounding, attuning & protecting yourself with angelic light, you invoke to mighty Archangel Gabriel.


Archangel Gabriel approaches you and you perceive his pure presence, his light, how it touches you and envelops you!


He is here to take you to his etheric retreat above Mount Shasta, California, and holding his hand, together you both float out into the sky. Shortly you two reach a huge crystal that shines powerfully and clearly.


Gabriel encourages you to go inside the crystal with him. You look at him, look into his beautiful, smiling face, and dive into the crystal. It’s very pleasant here. Notice if it is completely different – or exactly as you expected. Perhaps you feel you have been here before.


Take in the wonderful energies, feel how each of your cells absorbs the high frequency of the crystal and begins to vibrate just as high. Notice how your body feels with this new vibration.


How is the crystal? Do you float through its mass or does it open up to corridors and chambers for you? You are absolutely safe and secure. The way Gabriel’s crystal shows itself to you is exactly right for you at this moment!


Strengthened you walk or slide on, deeper and deeper into the center of the crystal. If it is important to you, then perceive its nature down to the smallest detail! Understand its structure with your psychic senses.


In its center, the crystal opens into a round chamber with a crystalline column in its center. A stream of cosmic energy flows through them from the source down to earth. Archangel Gabriel is waiting for you and waves to you and you step next to him and the column.


Gabriel explains to you that the fate of the earth flows through this pillar and you can add and take something from it. A huge stream of energy flows through this crystal pillar in the crystalline heart of Gabriel’s refuge in the ethereal kingdom above the earth. He now puts both hands on the column and you do the same and also put your hands on it. The tremendous energy pulsates in your hands.


Gabriel encourages you to first take some of the energy and recharge yourself. The light inside is so bright, brighter than you’ve ever seen. But you notice that you have got used to it and that you can let this bright light flow through you well. It may or may not even feel different, but you can notice yourself becoming lighter, purer, and clearer. Cosmic joy and unconditional love flood you.


You are aware that whatever you put into this ray now will arrive on earth with tremendous power. You are aware of your holiness, your strength, and your responsibility!


Open your heart and now let blessings flow from your heart through your hands into the ray that leads to earth. Maybe it’s a nameless blessing, maybe you know exactly which divine energies and ideas you want to let flow onto the earth. Let this happen for a while. Marvel at how much of it you have in you! How much you can give!


Then another thought forms, that all people themselves have a strong connection to God. Put that in the beam too! Visualize how people have the opportunity to wake up. How you can clearly distinguish which way serves the highest good of all! And how you can see that on this way precious gifts are waiting for you and everyone around you! Take a moment to feel how happy people are when they can realize this and live it! How they are mighty in love and through love.


You slowly feel how your task has been fulfilled and you detach yourself from the pillar. Archangel Gabriel shows you his appreciation and you realize all that has changed within you. Gabriel tells you that this is the reward for your work. Take a moment to be aware of the change.


Then you slide gently out of the crystal together with Archangel Gabriel. You can still feel the changes outside of the crystal. Taking all the experiences with you as you slide down to the point you started from, come back fully into your body, move gently, and open your eyes!