A Special Message from Diana Cooper 

Our School Reunions

I feel so proud and privileged to have founded the Diana Cooper School of White Light.  We are members of the White Brotherhood on Earth (white referring to the level of purity) because we hold integrity and pure intention both as a School and individually.  We are a Family of Light and together we are holding a pure white Flame for the world. 

I so much enjoyed the annual reunion online.  It is always a pleasure to meet members of your soul family, who hold the same vision.  So many teachers contribute to the success of these meetings and to all the different aspects of School life.  A huge thank you from me and all those who attended or watched the recording.

I was delighted to share an exercise from my next book about triple Ascension Flames, as I have learnt that certain Flames invoked together hugely multiply the energy and effect. These are so easy to use and are very powerful. One of the Triple Ascension Flames I shared was for purification.  This combination is the ultimate in purification and greatly assists your ascension path. 

The Triple Ascension Flames for Purification


First, you invoke the Golden Christed Flame. 

Jesus, the Bringer of Cosmic Love, stands in front of you holding the glorious golden Christed Flame. 

This protects you totally, heals, fills you with unconditional love and then purifies you.

He raises it above your head and brings it down very slowly over you.

Notice how this feels and how your energy fields radiate the Christ light.

Then you invoke the Violet Flame

St. Germain enters your inner world carrying the Violet Flame.

This Flame powerfully transmutes all lower energies.

He places it above you and it moves slowly down through each chakra.

It flickers and shimmers in your Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Causal, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, navel, sacral, base and Earth Star.

You may be able to see a violet column running down through you.

Lastly, you invoke the pure White Flame of Atlantis

Serapis Bey, holding the vast pure white Flame of Atlantis stands in front of you.

This Ascension Flame holds the keys and codes of Atlantis.

It lights up the keys latent in your energy fields.

It protects you from the effects of lower energies.

It offers the highest purification currently available. 

Serapis Bey holds it aloft, then places it slowly over the other two Flames that enfold you.

Take time to sit in the triple Ascension Flames and relax.

Send it to people and places under grace.