A Collection of Miracles with Angels

By Angel Teacher, Eric Chua

“Eric, now I believe in Angels!”

This was the message I received from a student who completed Day one of an Angel Healing class with me. It was about 9 pm and I was preparing to help with the dishes after dinner with the family.

When I asked for further details, the student shared that during our Guided Visualisation meditation with Archangel Gabriel today, she had prayed and asked for help to mend her relationship with her son. In her pursuit to drive good results from her son’s studies, she had been extremely harsh and disciplined with him. She admittedly described herself as a “Tiger Mum”, who was only focused on driving best performance. Hence, their relationship was strained.

That night during dinner, her son suddenly looked at her and said, “Mummy I love you”. This brought tears to her eyes, and she believed it was the work of angels who helped to mend the relationship between them.



Oracle of the Angels

On my spiritual journey, one of the most touching moments was when my wife started to believe in angels too. She was a skeptic from the start when I began my spiritual path.

When she joined my Angels Healing class, I was overjoyed. Working with angels was one of the most amazing things that happened in my life. We had a fun two days together with other students learning how to work with angels.

On one of the nights, after she completed the class, I remember we were out late at night with the kids. Each of us was carrying several bags in our hands and wished that we had a taxi that could bring us home at that moment. We had waited at the side of the road for over twenty minutes with no taxi in sight.

My wife looked at me cheekily, and said, “Didn’t you say we can pray to angels for anything?” I could feel where this conversation was going to lead. I bravely replied to her reassuringly, “Yes, we can!”

My wife then asked, “Can you ask the angels to manifest a taxi for us?”

I was cautious of this request because angels will always prioritise our highest good. I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to ask, still, I lead her to a quick prayer:

“Dear Angels, Guardian Angels, we are very tired now, it has been a long day. We hope you can help us with a taxi and bring us home comfortably for the night.”

Within a few minutes, a taxi arrived. With our logical minds, we were thinking it could be a coincidence because we had stood at the side of the road for 20 minutes after all. However, once we boarded the taxi, both my wife and I froze and looked at each other. The driver was playing a beautiful song on his audio set and the title showed “Oracle of the Angels”. Surely there cannot be a better validation that this taxi was somehow directed to us by the angels.

After this incident, my wife naturally became a firm believer in angels and worked with them often.


Feather in the Bag

“Eric, look at what I found! I don’t know how it landed in my bag.”

I received this excited message from a student one evening. She had completed our Angel Healing class and was starting to work with angels; welcoming their support in her life. That night, she mysteriously found a white feather in her bag. She was surprised by the feather, as there was no way it could have slipped in easily. The bag has a drawstring top and a flap over it.

Feathers are beautiful angel symbols when angels want to let us know of their presence. Oftentimes, people will start seeing white feathers around them (indoors or outdoors) and it is the angels’ way of reminding us humans of their support and presence.

The most amazing thing about this student is she found a second feather again in the next few days – in the same bag – after she had removed it.

This gave her the confidence and assurance that she needed to know Angels are real and there to support her.



Angels Are Here for You

“The angels often tell me we don’t ask them enough.”

Angels are non-religious light beings that are creations of the Divine Creator. They are the manifestation of the Creator’s unconditional divine love for us. However, angels respect our free will, and they will only step into our lives if we welcome them and ask for their assistance.

I have often asked our students to pray and ask for angels to manifest in their life. In the initial stage, you may be curious to just know of their presence. Pray to the angels and ask the angels to show you their presence. Very often, a lot of students start to see feathers, angel numbers, butterflies, and beautiful birds appearing in their life. These are just some of the angel signs they give us.

If you’d like to welcome angels into your life, you can join me in this short simple prayer to invoke their presence in your life:

“Dear Angels, thank you for your presence around me. I welcome you with open arms, love, and gratitude to step into my life. I thank you for all your assistance for my highest good. Please work with me to bring about good health, abundance, harmony, peace, and joy.”

And soon enough, you will begin to experience many small miracles in your life. This is like having an invisible team of spiritual helpers and cheerleaders at your side. You will find that angels will bring you so much hope, support and love.

The angels often tell me we don’t ask them enough. There is so much more they can do for us. So go ahead and ask the angels to help with your wishes and manifestations. As long as our ask is for the highest good for ourselves and the people around us, the angels will make it happen.


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