A Journey with your Unicorn to a Make a Wish at the Unicorn Wishing Well.

1. Close your eyes and relax your whole body with a deep breath. Move your feet and visualize large and thick roots under your soles that travel down to the heart of Mother Earth.

2. Here Lady Gaia takes your roots and reminds you that she loves you unconditionally. Feel her love rise up through your roots, up through your body, your chakras and higher and higher all the way to Source.

3. Now the love of Source comes down though your higher chakras, through your body, your roots and down to the heart of Lady Gaia. The love of Lady Gaia and Source come together to expand throughout the Earth.

4. Invoke Archangel Michael to enfold you with his deep blue cloak of protection. Invoke the Golden Christ Ray for your total protection. Visualize a sphere of divine white light around you. It shimmers with rainbow colours and is of such a high vibration that only the light of Source can enter.

5. Imagine that you are in the midst of nature. Wonderful fragrances are in the air. It’s nighttime and, high above, you see a large full moon in a beautiful, starry sky.

6. Your Guardian Angel comes close to you and embraces you with his wings. You feel safe and protected.

7. You see a rainbow coming towards you from the starry sky. From the midst of the rainbow, your Unicorn comes out.

8. The Unicorn greets you and invites you to climb onto his back to take you to his Kingdom. Along with your Guardian Angel, you do so and fly over the rainbow. At the end of the rainbow, he lands in the realm of the Unicorns.

9. There is a lot of sunshine and you find yourself surrounded by splendid nature. There are majestic trees and beautifully coloured flowers. There are also many animals, some of which you may not know, and there are many elemental beings.

10. You walk through a clearing with your Guardian Angel until you arrive in front of a lake with a rainbow colored waterfall. You enter the lake and feel the warm water on your skin. You walk to the waterfall and put yourself under it.

11. Allow the water of the waterfall to purify your whole body and heal you on all levels. You drink this sacred water and feel revitalised and radiant. Once done you leave the waterfall and come out of the water. You then lie down on the grass and let yourself dry off in the sun.

12. Now your Guardian Angel asks you to follow him. He guides you over a wooden bridge that takes you onto the island in the middle of the lake. The ancient island is very small and full of vegetation and magic. Your Unicorn is waiting for you here.

13. Your Unicorn and Guardian Angel take you to a very ancient sanctuary carved out of a rock. You go inside and find Archangel Mary awaiting you. She approaches you and looks at you with infinite, unconditional love.

14. Archangel Mary enfolds you with her soft wings. You relax and let her aquamarine light fill your aura completely. Now you open your hand and she drops a precious stone into it. She tells you to follow your Unicorn to the wishing well and to use the stone to make a wish.

15. You leave the sanctuary and follow your Unicorn along a path lit by the light of the full moon until you reach the ancient Unicorn Wishing Well which is made of violet quartz. Your Guardian Angel is close to you.

16. You hold the stone given to you by Archangel Mary carefully in your hand, while the Unicorn blesses it. You express your wish and let it drop into the well. Then you sit down on the grass and visualize your life as if your wish has already been granted.

17. It’s time to go back. You get onto the back of your Unicorn together with your Guardian Angel. You fly back over the rainbow to where you started. You get off the Unicorn and thank him for the magical experience.

18. Bring your awareness back into your space and into your physical body. Feel your strong roots anchored deeply into the center of Mother Earth.

19. Feel protected by the cloak of Archangel Michael and aligned with the Divine. When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Contributed by Arianna Roghi, Italy.