A Visualization to Visit a Great Angel Healing Ball in the Bermuda Triangle

1. Create a sacred space where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle, if possible.

2. Sit comfortably and close your eyes and relax.

3. Take a few deep breaths and bring your consciousness into your heart.

4. With each breath, allow the energies of unconditional love to expand.

5. Take your awareness to the soles of your feet and visualize thick golden roots going down towards Mother Earth, through all the layers of soil to the heart centre of Mother Earth.

6. Visualize the big, beautiful, pulsating Universal Crystal at the Heart of Lady Gaia and wrap your golden roots tightly around it. Draw the crystalline energy and love of Lady Gaia up through your feet … through all your chakras … and then connect with the higher realms.

7. Now visualize a column of divine pure white light coming down from Source. Allow these energies to go to each and every part of your body and your energy field. Send the energy down through your feet into Mother Earth to spread and light it up.

8. Know that you are connected from the centre of the Earth up to the Heart of the Creator / Source.

9. Invoke Archangel Michael to enfold you with his dark blue cloak of protection. Zip it up from your toes to the chin and place the hood over your head.

Invoke the Gold Ray of Christ for your total protection.

10. Your Guardian Angel steps in front of you with your mighty Unicorn by his side. Both are here to guide you on this wonderful journey to the Bermuda Triangle to visit the large, sparkling Healing Ball in the ocean, which is created by lightworkers.

11. Now you leave your room and walk to a beautiful meadow accompanied by your Guardian Angel and your Unicorn.

12. Your Guardian Angel invites you to sit in a comfortable crystal sphere and he is flying with you across time and space to a special sacred place in the Bermuda Triangle. You can see your Unicorn and the Full Moon outside the crystal sphere.

13. Your Guardian Angel tells you that the crystal sphere will now dive into the ocean and you feel completely safe. You can see a beautiful, large, shiny Healing Ball. The Healing Ball radiates with sparkling rainbow colours. Beautiful music and tones vibrate inside the Healing Ball and out into the water.

14. You can see whales, large turtles, dolphins and angel dolphins, and mermaids swimming around the Healing Ball to protect it.

15. You can now see how thin golden threads extend out of the Healing Ball into the water and they fill the leylines at the bottom of the ocean with golden light, cleansing and healing the sea trenches and the water.

16. You become aware that this Healing Ball is active and that it is creating something new. You are aware, that the New Golden Age is being created and is developing deep in the ocean.

17. You admire the magic of the Healing Ball, and you may feel the longing to create the New Golden Age with even more love.

18. You are aware that the love radiating from your heart makes the Healing Ball shine and sparkle even more. You are aware that the light and love of the Healing Ball, through the water, is spreading all over the Earth and that the awareness of the New Golden Age is reaching all beings.

19. You are aware that, any time you wish to, you can fill the Healing Ball in the ocean with your heart qualities of love, peace, joy, cooperation, healing and oneness. You are watching and marvelling at how active it is in accordance with divine rhythm and how it helps to build the New Golden Age with its own magical and amazing abilities.

20. The time has come to return. Your Guardian Angel and your Unicorn take you back to the place from where you started. You smile because you know that you have been very blessed with this journey and you know that you can always make the magical Healing Ball shine and sparkle with your observation, perception and love.

21. You thank your Guardian Angel and Unicorn for this wonderful journey.

22. You are safely back. As you become aware of your body and surroundings, ask your angels to bring your aura and chakras to a level which is comfortable for you.

23. Feel the cloak of Archangel Michael enfolding you and be aware of the Golden Christ Ray around you.

24. Feel your golden roots grounding you and holding you.

25. Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Contributed by Katharina Lachenmayr, Germany