Full Moon Meditation – 29th December 2020

A Journey with Gloria, a Majestic Unicorn, to experience unconditional love and the connection with all

This meditation comes from a special unicorn, which introduced herself to me lately. Her name is Gloria, and she belongs to the majestic unicorns that have come to earth recently. They want to help the world to ascend with their majestic light, which contains unique rainbow energy. This energy makes the world more colourful and fills the heart of people with happiness.

Before we begin our meditation, we invite the Moon Queen, Luna, and the Silver Moon Dragons to bless this meditation and to protect it.

  1. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your body and take three deep breaths in and out.
  2. Breathe golden light into your aura and notice how it spreads out around you.
  3. Now bring your awareness to your feet and send down golden roots, which spread deep into the earth below you. They begin at the surface of the earth and then travel through your Earth Star Chakra and they grow deeper and deeper, stretching all the way to the centre of the earth. Here they meet a wonderful crystal, the crystal of Mother Earth. Now wrap your roots three times around the crystal solidly anchoring you to Mother Earth.
  4. Mother Earth sends her crystal light back up through your roots. You feel your Earth Star Chakra filling up with this energy and notice it rising through your feet and into your legs, then through your pelvis and stomach into your thorax. From there, it flows into your arms and hands, your shoulders, your throat and head.
  5. From your head, the crystal light moves up and out of your Crown Chakra, into your Causal Chakra, your Soul Star Chakra, your Stellar Gateway Chakra  and goes up to Source. Here it anchors at the place where your name is written.
  6. Source sends you unconditional love and you feel this lighting up your Stellar Gateway Chakra, your Soul Star Chakra, your Causal Chakra and finally down through the Crown Chakra and into your body. The light fills and brightens your head and your Third Eye Chakra, your throat and your Throat Chakra, your arms and hands, your thorax and your Heart Chakra, your stomach and Solar Plexus Chakra and your navel chakra, the pelvis and your Sacral Chakra and your Base Chakra. Finally, it flows down through your legs to your feet, into your Earth Star Chakra and down your golden roots to the crystal of Mother Earth.
  7. You are now fully connected with Mother Earth and Source as an energetic line links you to both. Every cell of your body sparkles in the beautiful light of Mother Earth and the unconditional love of Source.
  8. Archangel Michael steps forward and places his royal blue cloak around your shoulders and all of your chakras, and your Guardian Angel spreads his wings around you. You are protected.
  9. Now you are standing before a golden gate with your Guardian Angel .The gate opens slowly.
  10. 10.You see a path made out of white stones that shimmers in rainbow colours. Your Guardian Angel takes you by the hand and together you follow this path.
  11. The path leads into a forest. The night is bright with the light of the full moon shining through the leaves. You are feeling safe and secure. The trees give you energy, which you joyfully receive. The animals of the forest welcome you. You hear an owl calling her night call.
  12. Your path ends now at a clearing wherein there is a meadow. In this meadow are many colourful flowers, where elves have lit their lights. Watch the colourful little lights and hear the laughter of the wood elves.
  13. 13.In the centre of the meadow there is a little creek, which attracts you magically. You walk to the creek, kneel down and dip your hands into the sparkling water. Your Guardian Angel asks you to drink the water. As you drink the water, you feel the refreshing effect of it.
  14. You look at the starry sky  and a fabulous rainbow, shimmering in every colour appears.  It ends at your feet. On this rainbow gallops a unicorn.  The unicorn approaches you and  slows down and stops in front of you. It’s a very special unicorn. Her heart is glowing golden and over her head shines a golden light on which the rainbow colours are reflecting. This light looks like a crown.
  15. The unicorn introduces herself. Her name is Gloria and she is a majestic unicorn. She came with thousands of other majestic unicorns here on earth to help the world for its ascension. She carries the Golden Christ Light and the Rainbow Energy. She would like to connect with you.
  16. She touches your heart with her horn and you see or feel how your heart is opening and beginning to shine.
  17. Gloria wants to take you on a journey and invites you to sit on her back. You get on her back and she rises with you in the air. You see how the forest clearing gets smaller and smaller as you rise higher and higher.
  18. You’re leaving Earth and you see this wonderful planet under you.
  19. Now Gloria lands on a small planet, which consists entirely of crystals that twinkle and sparkle rainbow colours.
  20. You can now see the whole universe and feel the solidarity with every planet and every being that lives there. As you watch Earth, you see little lights sparkling. These are the divine sparks which are in every human being, every animal and every plant. The lights are getting brighter and brighter until the entire earth shines.
  21. Now you look around and see the other planets begin to shine and connect with your heart. The divine love, the sparkle in you spreads right through your being.
  22. You are love; you are unique. Without you, something extraordinary would be missing in the universe. You are filled with deep gratitude and peace and know now: WE ARE ALL ONE.
  23. Enjoy now the wonderful feeling of unconditional love and the connection with all.
  24. Gloria tells you gently that it is time to go back to earth and together you rise into the air.
  25. You look once more at the planets sparkling in that glorious light and say goodbye to them.
  26. The forest clearing comes closer and finally, Gloria lands on it.
  27. You get off her back and say goodbye to her. She nudges you sweetly with her velvet nose and rises into the moonlit sky.
  28. Your Guardian Angel has been waiting for you  and takes you by the hand. Together you’re going through the forest back to the golden gate. You pass through the gate and now it is time to come back to where you started.
  29. Remember your golden roots and ground yourself. And when you are ready, you can open your eyes.

Thank you for doing this meditation with me. NAMASTE