Full Moon Meditation – 28th January 2021

A Journey to Radiate Dragon and Unicorn Light

  1. Close your eyes and relax.
  2. Take your awareness to below your feet and visualise big strong roots growing deep into the planet and winding themselves around the Great Crystal of Hollow Earth.
  3. The energy from this powerful crystal flows through your roots, enters your body and flows through your chakra column all the way to Source.
  4. He sends down a powerful shaft of high-frequency Source light, which comes down through the dimensions and through your chakra column.
  5. You are grounded and attuned to the divine.
  6. Ask Archangel Michael to wrap you in a deep blue protective cloak. See and feel that sparkling around you, filling you with power and courage.
  7. With your Guardian Angel, take yourself to a snow-capped mountain. You feel warm and free as you gaze up at the canopy of stars. The full moon is bathing you with her soft light, and you sense that this is a very special moment.
  8. You see a Golden Christed Dragon joining you on the mountain. Take some time to connect and admire his majesty.
  9. Next, a ninth dimensional Diamond Unicorn joins you. Again, take some time to connect and admire her magnificence. She is beautiful and sparkles with diamonds.
  10. Take your awareness to the Stellar Gateway Chakra, which is 90 cm above your head, and ask the Golden Christed Dragon to breathe into it. Your Chakra clears and fills with Christ light.
  11. Ask the Diamond Unicorn to direct her horn and bless the Stellar Gateway with pearlescent light. Feel the chakra expanding.
  12. Move with your awareness to the Soul Star Chakra, situated 60 cm above your head, and visualise the dragon blazing flames into the chakra and the unicorn adding her light.
  13. Repeat with the Causal Chakra, which is located 30 cm behind the centre of the back of your head .
  14. The dragon breathes into your Crown Chakra, and the Diamond Unicorn blesses it with pearlescent light.
  15. Next repeat with the Third Eye Chakra.
  16. The Golden Christed Dragon then breathes his flames into your Throat Chakra, and the unicorn pours her light into it.
  17. The dragon blasts a powerful breath into your Heart Chakra to clear it. The unicorn bathes it with pearlescent light, and you feel it expand.
  18. Next, they work on your Solar Plexus Chakra.
  19. The dragon breathes into your Navel Chakra, and the unicorn directs her horn into it.
  20. Next, they work on your Sacral Chakra.
  21. The dragon breathes into your Base Chakra, and the Diamond Unicorn pours her light into it.
  22. Finally, move into your Earth Star Chakra and ask the Golden Christed Dragon to breathe flames into this centre, situated 30 cm below the feet, and again the Diamond Unicorn adds her pearlescent light.
  23. The Earth Star is where your potential lies. Ask the dragon and the unicorn to bless this centre so you can stand in your power with grace and fulfil your mission.
  24. Become aware that your chakras have united as one single column glowing with high-frequency light and colours. Feel your connection with the cosmos and the stars. Enjoy that for a few minutes while thinking of yourself as a star radiating your light.
  25. Send these magnificent energies into the planet to be anchored and sense how that grounds you deeply.
  26. Be aware of how each chakra is gloriously radiating its light.
  27. Slowly you return with your consciousness into the room where you started. You may want to bring your aura in a little bit but intend for your chakras to remain open and continue radiating their light.
  28. You are enfolded into an immense sphere of protective Christ light to help you maintain your radiance and to usher in the New Golden Age with your light.
  29. Start moving and open your eyes knowing that you radiate magnificent dragon and unicorn light.