A Journey to Porziuncola, Basilica de Santa Maria Degli Angeli, Assisi, to meet Mother Mary and receive the twelve gifts of grace.

  1. Create a sacred space where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle, if possible.
  2. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
  3. Take a few deep breaths and bring your consciousness to your heart centre.
  4. With each breath, allow the energies of unconditional love to expand.
  5. Take your awareness to the base of your feet and visualize thick golden roots going down towards Mother Earth, through the crust, the layers of soils and subsoils to the heart centre of Mother Gaia.
  6. Visualise the big, beautiful, pulsating Universal Crystal at the Heart of Gaia and wrap your golden roots tightly around it. Draw the crystalline energy up through your feet…. through all your chakras… and then connect with the higher realms.
  7. Take your awareness to the skies above and visualise a column of white light coming down from Source. Allow these energies to go to each and every part of your body and energy field.
  8. Archangel Michael steps forward and puts his dark blue cloak of protection around you, zipping it up from toe to chin. He places the hood over your head.
  9. Feel the presence of Archangel Mary’s aquamarine cloak around you.
  10. Archangel Metatron places sacred geometry symbols around you that allow only high vibrational energy to enter.
  11. Your Guardian Angel steps in front of you with a mighty Unicorn by his side. He is here to guide you on this wonderful journey.
  12. He helps you climb atop the Unicorn and sits behind you, keeping you safe.
  13. The Unicorn takes flight and you are being taken to the Porziuncola.
  14. Everything you know fades away and you find yourself in a high vibrational dimension.
  15. You allow that part of you which is always connected to Source to take over now.
  16. You arrive at the Basilica de Santa Maria Degli Angeli at Assisi.
  17. You alight from the beautiful Unicorn and your Guardian Angel guides you to the Porziuncola.
  18. As you enter this tiny chapel, you see that it is full of golden light.
  19. This light forms an egg shaped shield around you. As you breathe in this light, it permeates your being completely.
  20. You are a Golden Being of Light with innate wisdom and power.
  21. You can now see the benevolent, beautiful Mother Mary, full of Grace, standing in front of you. Her Unicorns accompany her.
  22. You soften your gaze and surrender to her. And feel yourself receiving all the blessings that are meant for you.
  23. As you do so, you become present to a beautiful aquamarine light radiating from Mother Mary filling you up.
  24. You may speak to her if you wish to.
  25. She speaks to your soul.
  26. The fragrance of roses enfolds you as she gently places a beautiful, white-light rose on each of your chakras.
  27. The rose at your Earth Star grounds you. At your base chakra, it brings you stability. The one at your sacral chakra activates creativity in you. The rose at your navel chakra fills your focus. At your solar plexus chakra, it makes you aware of your self-power. Your heart chakra fills with forgiveness that is empowered by the rose. The rose at your throat chakra attunes your self-expression. Your third eye chakra is filled with clarity brought by the rose. The rose at your crown chakra contributes to your wisdom. At your causal chakra, it activates your connection further with the higher realms and at your Soul Star chakra, it brings you harmony. The rose at your Stellar Gateway chakra fills you up with light.
  28. She weaves these blessings into you. As she stands in front of you holding your gaze, she fills you up with love, light and her grace.
  29. You have a sense of you – the true, the divine you.
  30. Be open to receive these gifts. Stay open and receive.
  31. When you feel complete, thank her and say goodbye.
  32. She disappears into the light that is all around and becomes one with everything.
  33. You walk back to the entrance of the Porziuncola, where your Guardian Angel awaits.
  34. You step out of the Basilica and meet your Unicorn. You are ready to fly back.
  35. As the Unicorn flies you back to where you started, you smile for you know that you are so blessed.
  36. You are back safe where you started. As you become aware of your body and surroundings, you tune into your chakras and bring them to a level comfortable for you.
  37. Bring your aura closer to your body, to a level that is comfortable for your day-to-day functioning.
  38. Feel the presence of the aquamarine shield around you, the cloak of mighty Archangel Michael enfolding you and the high vibration sacred geometry symbols placed all around you by Archangel Metatron.
  39. Feel the presence of your golden roots grounding you and holding you.
  40. With deep gratitude for your Angels, Unicorn and Mother Mary, very gently open your eyes.

Namaste. The Divine in me bows to the Divine in You.

Contributed by Surabhi, India