A journey to experience a profound clearing and frequency increase with the purple fire dragons, as well as a reprogramming of 12 DNA strands with Archangel Metatron, the Silver Moon Dragons, and the Golden Sun Dragons of Helios.

Find a quiet place where you can meditate for the next few minutes. Assume a comfortable posture, lying down if possible. Make sure that you are as warm and comfortable as possible.

Close your eyes and center yourself. Visualize your beautiful roots growing from your feet and finding their way through the various layers of earth and rock to the center of the planet. Lady Gaia welcomes you warmly and invites you to wind your roots 12 times around the big crystal in the center of the earth. Count how your roots wrap around the crystal 12 times and instruct them to ground you steadily and reliably for the duration of the meditation.

Notice how the loving and nourishing light of Mother Earth flows upwards from your roots lightly, gently and simply throughout your body and chakra channel to Source. In this wonderful stream of energy, a golden ribbon now flies from your heart up to Source and anchors itself in His heart. Source sends high frequency, radiant light to you that enters through your higher chakra channel, moving through your whole body and through your roots into the center of the earth. Notice how everything starts to glow and shine. You are now perfectly and safely grounded, and connected heart to heart with Source.

Surround yourself with a high-frequency, gold-silver-violet sphere to transmute all lower frequencies and protect you from all energies that no longer serve you. Ask the unicorns to put their cloak around you and feel their protection. Call the Golden Christ Light thrice for perfect protection.

Call your guardian angel and know that he is with you. Inwardly prepare for a wonderful journey of purifying with the Purple Fire Dragons, and of reprogramming, activating and integrating your 12 DNA strands with Archangel Metatron, the Silver Moon Dragons, and the Golden Sun Dragons of Helios.

Your guardian angel is with you. He takes you by the hand and together you move into the inner worlds, where you float up on a diamond spiral staircase. Up and up… higher and higher… following the spiral diamond staircase. See, hear and feel the energy changing and getting lighter.

You follow the stairs … going higher … and higher till you come to a diamond path. You move along this path. You can feel the energy… the light… and the high frequency of the diamond way. You notice how your vibration increases with every step that you move forward.

After some time, you and your guardian angel reach a place pulsating with light and energy. You notice a beautiful purple fire dragon. He looks at you with love and joy in his eyes and slowly moves towards you. You ask the dragon to wash away all the energies that no longer serve you… to clear from all your systems all low frequency and superfluous energies from this lifetime and as many past lives as possible. Notice what happens… Maybe you can see how the purple fire dragon cleanses you and how your chakras and your etheric bodies change? Maybe you feel lighter and freer? Maybe you smell different now?

Once this cleansing is done, ask the purple fire dragon to increase your frequency. Feel, see, hear and know that your frequency is increasing more and more.

Once this is complete, ask the purple fire dragon to take you to a place where you will meet Archangel Metatron, the Silver Moon Dragons and the Golden Sun Dragons of Helios.

Together with your guardian angel, you embark on the dragon’s back and fly up into the high dimensions till you reach an orange, gold and silver place that is radiating with light. You land and step off the dragon’s back. You thank the purple fire dragon for his excellent service.

You and your guardian angel find a place to rest and relax. Here you call upon Archangel Metatron, the Silver Moon Dragons and the Golden Sun Dragons of Helios to join you. The high-frequency light of this place helps you to relax more and more deeply … with every breath even more… even deeper… As you relax more and more, you perceive the bright silver moonlight and the glistening golden sunlight in the form of their dragons moving towards you. It’s very gentle, light, fast and easy.

Archangel Metatron arrives. You perceive his glistening orange light and ask him to reprogram your 12 DNA strands at a higher frequency and to activate new light codes. Meanwhile, the two dragons envelop you in their light, making it easier for you to maintain that high frequency.

Allow yourself to be deeply relaxed. With all your senses see what happens. Be aware that you are receiving all that Archangel Metatron is gifting you. Sense how every cell of your body, every tiny atom, and your DNA strands are receiving with joy and lightness and in a very relaxed way. It is so easy and simple… so beneficial… enriching and exhilarating… so expanding and enlightening to receive. Enjoy this extraordinary gift from Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Metatron has now reprogrammed your 12 DNA strands and activated your Atlantian DNA codes. He has programmed new light codes down to the very smallest cell level. Take a moment to thank him!

Archangel Metatron leaves. The silver moon dragon and the golden sun dragon of Helios remain with you and help you to integrate and anchor everything on all levels of your being. Take some time for this and let it happen…… Take a deep breath and relax as the dragons take care of you.

The great dragons have supported you to activate and integrate all 12 DNA strands. What do you perceive?… Do you notice a change?… What do you realize?… What do you see?

Ask the dragons to gently seal your body with their breath so that you can keep this high frequency as long as possible.

Thank the dragons for their generous and selfless service!

When you’re ready, sit up and say goodbye to the dragons. They fly into their dimensions and you see their radiant light slowly fading. Your guardian angel comes to your side and takes your hand. Together, you set off on the path and he floats with you through the dimensions, until you are back in the here and now.

Count backwards from four to one. At one, you find yourself fully awake, rested, and relaxed in your room. Stretch your body. Feel your roots and your heart-to-heart connection with Source. Your protections are on. Now bring your aura and your chakras to a comfortable size for you.

Created by Wiebke Detlefs, Germany