Invocation of Mother Mary and a lovely story 

By Phu Chi Giang

Background story

Since I was little, I have always felt a very strong connection to Mother Mary. Deep down in my heart, I always feel that one of my missions of my incarnation is to be a messenger and transmitter of Compassion and Unconditional Love Messages from Mother, The Queen of Angels.

Very often, I would feel as if every cell in my heart centre glows up and an immense, overflowing sensation of Love that would engulf my entire being.

During those instances, I could feel the depth and magnitude of Love, forgiveness for the entire humanity and all beings, as if I witnessed all their pain and suffering inflicted on themselves.

Tears would roll down my cheeks like droplets freefalling into the Aquamarine ocean.

As I observe the emotions within my heart, all I want is to endlessly expand my energetic wings to engulf every single being and letting them know that only the unconditional Love felt in their heart is real.

Perhaps, that is how the connection to the Cosmic Heart feels like.

During my summer holidays in France this year, I felt a strong call to visit Notre Dame de la Sallette where Mother Mary appeared in front of the two children Maximin and Mélanie on 19th September, 1846.

Her divine feminine energy is soothing, calming and is well-infused with the beautiful mountainous landscape, celestite blue sky and the soft green plane of vegetations that adorn the zig-zagging pathways. It feels like a portal to the 9th sky.

I am forever grateful for the memories. For that, I like to share this invocation inspired by my very experience with the energy of Mother Mary. I hope you feel the connection with her energy and inspire you to create many versions of invocations of your own.

( Sunset photo with the sun as almost perfect heart shape, taken in Aix-les-Bains, July 2022)

Invocation of Mother Mary

“From our loving hearts, we call upon Mother Mary, the Queen of the Angels.

We humbly pray to you to ask that you belovingly envelop all of us in the Aquamarine Cape of Love, of Wisdom, of Compassion and Healing.

Please belovingly illuminate our loving hearts with the Aquamarine rays so that we deeply eternalize that Unconditional Love can be nurtured from within, with total acceptance, understanding, forgiveness for ourselves and our beloved sisters and brothers, and all other beings;

So that every time we place left hand on our Heart Center, we feel the beats of the Cosmic Heart and we let that be the compass to guide us to the Highest Love;

So that at this very center point of our hearts, We truly radiate the love that dissolves all fears and illusions, transcends realms and dimensions.

So that we anchor and embody the love energy that balances and harmonises the Yin and the Yang, the divine Masculine and the divine Feminine energy, and the Old and the New.

We thank you deeply from our heart centers”.

After the invocation, we invite you to take a moment to feel the connection with the energy of Mother Mary and notice if you receive guidance and messages.