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Lemurische Planetarische Heilung
Englisch, Hindi, Nepalesisch

Nisha Miglani is a consciousness-based leader, a spiritual teacher, a perpetual learner and researcher, a polymath holding knowledge and wisdom of various cosmic literature, arts, and sciences. Nisha is a certified Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, a consciousness-based ancient healing art and science. In Vedic Astrology, she is certified in Rashis, Rulers and The Holistic Zodiac, and Career, Dharma & Life Purpose. She is also a Qualified Spiritual Teacher/ Lemurian Planetary Healer from the Diana Cooper School of White Light. Nisha is also an entrepreneur having founded and built companies and worked with the industry leaders in the areas of retail, renewable energy, aerospace, public markets, etc. 

She is bringing all her experiences and learnings together to help others in this planetary transition that is currently taking place. She is the host of the Divine Sight podcast and offers her teachings through articles and workshops, and, she is launching her new cosmic school this fall along with her first book. Nisha is currently the co-executive chair of Nirmal Usha Foundation, a foundation to raise consciousness, and was awarded a certificate of completion for the Mobilizing your Nonprofit Board Program, May/ 2020, John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, Executive Education.