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Franziska Siragusa
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Engel MT, Tierwelt MT, Aufstieg MT, Dragons MT, Goldenes Atlantis MT, Keys to the Universe MT, Lemurische Planetarische Heilung MT, Nature World MT, Auf dem Weg ins 2032 MT, Transform Your Life MT, Einhörner MT
Monterotondo, Rome
Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch
Dear Ones,

Welcome to my profile. I am an Author, Ascension Leader and Principal Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light. My mission is to help those aware of Angels, Unicorns, Dragons and Masters to connect and work with them to accelerate their ascension. People who aspire to become certified teaches come to me for certified training so they can help Earth shift into the fifth dimension. The teacher training is online and you can contact me to agree on the course dates.

I feel very excited about being on Earth during these amazing times when the planet is ascending into the fifth dimension. Right now, I AM Spiritual Warrior with the job to keep my own frequencies high and raise those of others. My life is dedicated to serving Source and the higher realms and supporting people during this time of transition. I love to uplift and motivate people with my positivity and enthusiasm and help them activate their unique gifts and talents.

I am blessed to be here at this moment in time and guide you on your journey. Your presence here on Earth is sacred, and you have a higher purpose. Through divine grace, I have activated my gifts so I can serve you and all of humanity.

Yours in service and love always,