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Franziska Siragusa
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Engel MT, Tierwelt MT, Aufstieg MT, Dragons MT, Goldenes Atlantis MT, Keys to the Universe MT, Lemurische Planetarische Heilung MT, Nature World MT, Auf dem Weg ins 2032 MT, Transform Your Life MT, Einhörner MT
Monterotondo, Rome
Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch
+39 3339499045

Hi there, I AM Franziska

Welcome to my profile. I am an international Author, Ascension Guide and a Principal Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light. I was born in Switzerland, have lived in the UK, and I am now based near Rome. My published books are Higher Ascension Tools and Angel Name Oracle, and I am currently working on an oracle deck and a series of spiritual fiction books.

I conduct teacher training for Ascension, Atlantis, Lemuria, Angels, Unicorns, Transform your Life, Towards 2032, Dragons, Animal World and Keys to the Universe, and I also train Master Teachers. The teacher training is online in English, Italian and German, and you can contact me to agree on the course dates.

My mission is to help people embody their Soul and step more fully into their mission. I love to uplift people with my positivity and enthusiasm. I am deeply grateful to serve the planet in this moment of transition into the New Golden Age.

My passion is writing and the ocean with its inhabitants, especially dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles and manatees. They make my heart leap with joy.

Yours in service