by Surabhi Kalsi

I first discovered angels rather unintentionally, at a time in my life when I was busy chasing name, fame and building a fashion business. I was not religious, didn’t believe in rituals and was least interested in spirituality. In fact, I did not differentiate between religion and spirituality. It was all the same – not a part of my world.

A friend of mine mentioned an angel card reader, and it got me curious. I had heard of angels, but they were frozen in time, art and architecture. I had never heard of angel card readings. Before I could dismiss it as a speculative activity, my curiosity got the better of me, and I booked an appointment to experience this for myself. I don’t remember much of the reading, but it opened the door to something far greater in my life. I found it to be an empowering belief to know that powerful guardians are looking over me as I navigate the ups and downs of my life. I started reading about angels to connect with them.

Over the years, the angels have become a voice so distinct and clear – they are the voice in my head. I have developed my clairvoyance, and I have seen them as sparks of light, orbs, flashes and silhouettes with wings. I believe in angels, and these are just some of the many ways in which they have informed my life:

The Angels are always there to Guide and Protect

I am never alone. This belief has helped me find the courage to go beyond my fears and live my life from a space of faith, empowerment and adventure. I have travelled alone, across the world, I have taken risks, and I have followed my heart unapologetically.

Developing a Connection with Self

I do not need to go to any other person to seek advice, permission or validation. I just need to connect with my own inner voice, and that’s all I need. When my actions are driven from this space of peace and wisdom, I am living a life that is more authentic and less desperate. Only I know what’s best for me.

Overcome Lack and Despair

The angels have given me great strength in times of loss of a loved one and a higher perspective – we don’t ever lose anything as we don’t own anything.

Have Faith and Patience.

There is a higher perspective to every situation; they have shown me that beyond the clouds, the sky is always blue. Its been a challenging process to understand and accept this when I am right in the middle of being disempowered and miserable, but the angels have always had patience with me. And faith that one day I will get it.

Self Love

I prioritise myself, nurture myself, pamper myself, praise myself, motivate myself – I have learnt to be kind to myself. I discovered that I was so judgmental and unforgiving with myself. I was always trying to confine to a standard or expected way of life. When I let go of that and followed my heart, I let go of the struggle  – a fish cannot be a rose.

Ask an Authentic Question to Transcend Judgement

I often get caught up in the good or bad, right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable. The angels always ask – Who decides? Is it the society, the culture or the collective consciousness? Who have you given your power away to? They have taught me that to get an authentic answer; you must ask an authentic question. The answer will set you free.

Cultivating a Sense of Wonder

I have witnessed what I can only call the magical and the extraordinary. Once I opened myself up to them, they have made it possible for me to see them. My human eyes can’t see them, but then they guided me to click pictures, and through the camera lens, I have seen orbs (circular light beings) floating around me, vibrating with energy.

Stand up for Yourself

They have taught me to stand up for myself and build a life that is a reflection of what my soul truly desires. It’s not a one-time thing but a constant ongoing process of alignment to my life purpose and to what makes my heart sing.

Speak your Truth

“Speak your truth” has been their constant guidance. In any situation, in any relationship, always speak your truth. Not what is right or what is acceptable or what the other wants to hear. I DON’T need to be agreeable, nice or give in to please someone. They have taught me to own each and every aspect of me – anger, guilt, aggression, grief, loss, desperation – I am everything. And I have the right to express it all.

Learn to Let it Be

They have taught me to let it be. Not let go nor hold on but let it be. When my mind is full of questions, and I can’t make my peace with a situation – I just let it be. And in time I do get my answers or the answers don’t matter anymore.

The angels are love, and they have taught me to live from a space of love – where a reaction transforms into a response, judgment transforms into allowance, fear transforms into faith, blame transforms into taking responsibility. They have helped me to recognise the voice of ego and my inner voice and to accept that they are both a part of me. I will always have a choice, and I hope I always choose love.


Surabhi Kalsi

Master Teacher – Angels, Unicorns, Transform Your Life