Wesak Full moon – the Legend, its Significance & your participation

by Meghaa Gupta, Master Teacher

Wesak is the most powerful of all full moons of the entire year. The Full moon of Taurus, is celebrated by most spiritual schools as the Wesak Full moon. Once a year during the Wesak festival a renewed stream of spiritual energy and life force is transmitted to humanity and to every person and every being on earth by Lord Buddha. Emanating from the Heart of God, through the Lord Buddha, the Lord Christ, and the Spiritual Hierarchy, the blessings flow into human consciousness and are poured forth upon planet Earth. It is a time when humanity’s consciousness can be inspired and influenced to some degree with a sense of divine purpose through the planetary alignment that takes place with the Will of God. This marks a great point in the life and development of people on earth.

On accepting Buddhahood, Lord Buddha is said to have made a promise to humanity to return each year on the Wesak Full moon and bless the planet Earth for 8 long minutes during the peak time of the full moon.  Therefore many spiritual practitioners, disciples, Arhats, and Masters prepare themselves well ahead to participate in this great act of service through participation in meditations or chants. The effect of this moment of intensive spiritual effort and invaluable service will last throughout the year and is basically a great way of helping in manifesting the divine plan on earth.

The Wesak Ceremony

The Wesak Ceremony takes place at the Wesak Valley somewhere in the Himalayas, where the Great Beings gather for this great event. At the exact time of the Full Moon of Wesak, all participants meditate in an ancient geometric configuration. To create this alignment, a star whose points consist of the Lord of the World, the Buddha, the Christ, the Manu, and the Lord of Civilization create the five points of energy, symbolizing the five-pointed star of Humanity. Through Lord Buddha, the blessings descend down to the Five-pointed star, to the outer circles, and to all participants. The energy then descends down to the entire Earth, to every person, every being, at all levels of existence. The blessings are said to pour down from by Lord Buddha and the Great Beings, through the water on Earth. Hence it is advised to keep water close by where you meditate and allow the blessings to be anchored into the water. You may preserve this consecrated bottle of water for the whole year and use it in small quantities whenever you may need healing.

How you can participate etherically in the Wesak Ceremony

At the exact time of the Full Moon of Wesak, you can participate in this Ceremony in your meditation.

  • Start a few minutes prior to the peak time of the full moon.
  • Invoke before meditation and
  • Intend that the Higher Beings allow your soul to etherically participate in the Ceremony at the Wesak Valley
  • Affirm I AM that I AM. I Am One with my Higher Soul, I am One with my Divine Spark, I Am One with the Christ. I Am One with Lord Buddha. I Am One with God. We are One
  • Chant OM Mani Padme Hum 108 times, the mantra of compassion of mercy
  • Allow your consciousness to rise and meditate
  • Continue to receive the blessings through the 5 pointed star created by the Great Beings and
  • Continue to bless the Earth with those energies
  • The more you give and share, the more it multiplies and comes back to you
  • In the end, Bless your goals, wishes, and the water

Know that you are showered with Divine Light, Love, and Power. All your chakras and bodies – physical, etheric, astral, mental, and subtle bodies are purified and strengthened. Affirm: “My Will is aligned to the Will of my Higher Soul. The Will of my Higher Soul is aligned to the Will of God.” Thank the Christ and the Buddha, the Manu, the Lord of the World, and all beings who participated in the Ceremony.

Blessed Be! Happy Wesak!

Meghaa Gupta,

Master Teacher & Teacher Trainer- Angels | Dragons | Unicorns | Transform Your Life | Golden Atlantis | Animal World

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