Visit to the Cosmic Portal- Source of Ganges (Goumukh)

An article shared Master Teacher by Asha Doshi

Nature is our soul essence. It is our source to connect with our own magnificence. Nature help us to become humble, joyful, creative, wild, open, in allowance and balanced once again.

This time I was going through some emotional turmoil, somewhat imbalanced and stuck in a situation. I decided to go for a retreat to the mountains by myself. I decided to take a different route, with unknown people and places where I have never been before.

I decided to learn from nature, to ask nature to guide me. I took a small empty pouch with me and decided to pick a stone whenever I gained insights about my lesson or gain some wisdom from nature. I have heard it somewhere that Shamans go to the jungles and ask for wisdom and hen they receive guidance, they pick a stone and keep it with them as a reminder.

So I started my journey to great Himalayas, from the city of Mumbai to the Source of the Ganges.

Why Goumukh?

During the days I was preparing myself for this trip, I was questioning, why all of a sudden I decided to go for this trip? It is said that it’s a difficult and risky one. And then on 4th of October while meditating, I received this guidance to blow ‘the vision prayer of golden age’ in to my beautiful crystal and release it to the Ganges. I was also guided to blow prayer to another crystal to release my family from ancestral karma and then I was supposed release these crystals into the Ganges. Lately I had been getting guidance about clearing the Karma of family. And all of a sudden I realized that everything is moving into right direction, step by step.

As the legend says King Bhagirath brought Divine Ganges to Earth, to clear the karma of his ancestors and to release his 60,000 ancestors from the curse of Saint Kapila with the blessings of the river Goddess Ganges. I was guided to go to Goumukh (Source of the Ganges) to release unwanted Karma for myself, my family and my ancestors.

Nature talks to you, you must listen!

When you are in the Himalayas, you naturally come to a meditative state. You become one with the nature and with the four elements. You become like mountains and a witness. You become like water and flow without any limitations. You become wind and blow all your fears away. You become earth and become patient and still.

Rainbow on my way on the very first day of my travel was giving me a sign that I am supported and guided by my Angels. Trees on the roads of Uttarkashi were standing straight on the edges of the hills and the soil underneath was washed off by streams. I noticed that roots of trees were holding the ground and not vice versa. As though they were saying “If your roots are strong enough, nothing can un-ground you.”

Mountains are ever-changing and so is the life. In the state of Uttrakhand landslides are quite frequent. You never go back to the same land again, it is always changing. Every minute uncertainty looms, and you do not know what will happen next. Among all these uncertainties only one thing is certain, your unwavering faith. Nothing remains same in our lives, it keeps on changing and moving ahead. I also noticed that in Uttrakhand people are very down to earth, humble and innocent. The reason for this seems to be quite simple to me, they know that nothing is permanent and life goes on.

Mountains show you the path to conquer it. Today when I reached Gangotri, I saw a huge mountain standing right in front of me, like a giant piece of rock. I wondered how anyone can climb it as it’s a very steep mountain. Then I saw a slippery path on it, which seems to have been made by once flowing water stream, which is now dried up. I picked up my binoculars and I could see that path was already made there by nature itself.

When we see situation from distance, it looks difficult or maybe impossible. But when we decide to resolve it, it starts resolving itself. What is required is to focus on intention. When we start with pure intention, we reach our destination. I was still questioning my strength though. Will I be able to accomplish my goal and find this journey? And The Mountain said Yes!

Mountains hold you.

I started my Trek to Bhojwasa today. I am a person who usually feels dizzy when I look down from height of 100 feet (ca. 30 m) or more. I have had fears of falling down from any heights. However, I keep travelling to the mountains and whenever I am there, I avoid looking down from heights.

The roads were rough and narrow, and at some places it was becoming so narrow that only one person can pass through it. Surprisingly, I was calm and peaceful. On this difficult route I was not worried but rather was enjoying the view. Quite a few times, I was at the edge on the path. Looking down at the valley and Ganges which was flowing through all alongside, I noticed I did not panic at all.

Then I had a realization, that the mountains hold you. All along my journey to Uttarakhand, I felt this Faith and of course it was coming from the Himalayan Mountains. The Devas of Himalaya and the Ganges were always with me during my journey. I am not surprised that in India we consider mountains as father and river as our mother. I literally felt that I am held in their arms.

The Golden Age is already here.

In the evening, I decided to take a meditative walk to the surrounding areas. I started walking towards the beautiful valley and at one spot I stopped and I looked around wondering, I was surrounded by mountains all around me. I was just still. Looking at the snow capped mountains, I was speechless. After a few minutes, I prayed to the Devas of the Himalayas and the Ascension team to help us bring more light to this world. Where all the beings are caring, loving, understanding, cooperating and accommodating to each other. Let all beings be happy and joyful in their lives, honoring nature and animals and be one with the Source.

I looked up and saw a golden light coming out from the back of a snow capped mountain. Sun was settling down and last rays were forming a beautiful view. The White Mountains and clouds were reflecting Golden light now.

And I received the Message, ‘the golden age has already started’.

I came back to the guest house and I saw the tourists were joyfully chatting with each other. They didn’t even know each other, not even the names. There was sharing, caring, and had love and respect for each other. There were solo travelers, families with small children, couples, friends, like-minded mountaineers, people on spiritual a journey and fun-loving people. All were coming from different parts of India and few from other countries too.

I felt like I am with a huge family. They all were talking about how time is changing and good things are already happening. No complaints and no judgments. They were all happy talking about how time is changing.

I am here for a purpose, surrender is the key. I was really stressed about tomorrow’s final journey to the source of Ganges. I consider myself a slow trekker and the route was difficult too. On higher altitudes it was difficult to breathe. Everyone in the group was encouraging me, reminding me that I am here for a purpose and goddess Ganga (here she is known as Bhagirathi) will make everything possible for me.


I woke up early around 4am. Everyone in the room was fast asleep. It was a good time to meditate and work on 12 chakra activation without getting disturbed or distracted. My day started with prayer to Lord Shiva, Goddess Bhagirathi, Archangel Metatron, Lord Sanat kumara and Ascension team.

I was ready by 6 am as I was so excited about my today’s journey. My guide Harka Bahadur, came around 6.45 am, and he said we can’t go till Goumukh as I have permission to go to Goumukh trek and this trek doesn’t go till the end. We can walk for 3 km and see Goumukh from 2 km away.

That was not great news. I may not be allowed to go there? Someone said you can go to point zero if you have permission for Tapovan trek, you can cross the river by trolley and from there you can reach to the source of the Ganges. After the floods in the year 2013, all routes have changed, as river Ganga has changed her course, it has started flowing in different a direction and because of that, Goumukh trek is blocked with boulders.

In my heart, I was peaceful. I knew if I am going there with pure intention, I will reach there. Harka assured me that he will try to take us from Tapovan trek. He went to talk to other guides and forest officers who check the permits for all the trekkers.

Only with the purest of heart are allowed to Goumukh

On Tapovan trek, there were nearly four to five forest officers standing on each side of river to pull the trolley. It requires a lot of strength to pull the trolley and Harka convinced officers that he will help them to pull 5 trolleys, in trade for allowing us to go there without permit. I was touched. I heard the voice within me, only those with the purest of heart are allowed to be at the Goumukh.

I am Meditation.

The path was empty, as those who were going to go through Tapovan trek had to go through different path. Only Harka, myself and one more person from our group were there. I started feeling dizzy, and weak. Though I was making sure to take rest after every 10 minutes walk, drinking water, eating nuts and protein bars, I was still feeling weak and tired. Harka kept on motivating me that we will reach there soon. I intended to meditate with Devas and masters once I reach there, I realized, only intention are required. I did not meditate, I became meditation.

Let Divine Decide.

I was just 200 meters away from Goumukh and it was right there in front of me, and my stamina had already gone down. Each step was difficult to take. The other tourist who reached half an hour earlier told us that we cannot go ahead as the river Akashganga is on our path and it is quite risky to cross it. It was not a wise decision to even try crossing it. It was 11.40 am and the sky was cloudy. It was windy and freezing cold. Rain could start at any moment, so I decided to stop there.

I saw Goumukh-Bhagirathi glacier from 200 meters away, and next to it was Akashganga glacier. Both were looking like divine partners. It was not possible for me to cross Akashganga. I did not have strength to climb Tapovan and reach to the Source from back side. I surrendered, knowing that only divine decides.

Prayer at Goumukh

I prayed and blew prayers into my crystals.

I asked Harka if he can go near the Bhagirathi stream and release the crystals. He was ready before even I asked him. There was confluence of both the rivers just near where I was standing; Harka went closer to Akashganga, so he can at least release the crystals right in Bhagirathi.

And I heard the voice again, only with the purest of heart are allowed to Goumukh and tears rolled down my face. Harka is the simplest, purest, innocent 21 years old Nepali guy. I surrendered to divine will. I realized, Harka was the purest person to request Goddess Bhagirathi to bring more light and help in bringing the Golden Age upon Earth. Most important thing was that our prayers were reaching to Bhagirathi.

Divine Plans everything, we don’t. I accomplished my journey to Goumukh in 6 days. I had kept few days extra as cushion, as you never know in the mountains you may take a few extra days. Hence, when I reached back to Bhojwasa I was not sure what I would do next. I was completely in surrender mode now.

And a miracle happened….. As though I was rewarded. I found wonderful friends on the day I had arrived back to Bhojwasa. They suggested that I join them for the trip to Kedarnath, the Holy abode of Lord Shiva. It was like a dream come true. And my unplanned journey started. Lord Shiva was calling me and everything which I had ever dreamed of about my unplanned travelling, came true. Truly grateful to each and every person, soul and being who helped me to accomplish this seemingly difficult journey with total ease.


Asha Doshi