The Rainbow Fire of Source

by Susan Browne


The Rainbow Fire of Source is a very powerful affirmation you can use to help you in your life. Use it for:

  • manifesting for the highest good
  • clearing old, stuck patterns to make way for joy
  • to lighten areas and situations that have been in trauma or lower energy
  • to make way for miracles
  • for helping the planet, animals, and nature
  • lightening up your home or workplace
  • healing the family lineage
  • to amplify your healing practice and self-healing work
  • and so much more

Try it on anything – because it is pure – and anything it is called in to assist with, if it wasn’t suitable for whatever reason it would simply withdraw. I want to share with you how you can work with this powerful tool to upgrade your life. Saying the following affirmation will draw it into your energy fields. If you say, or sing, it daily, you will have it in your aura daily and enjoy its high-frequency magic.

The Words We Use Are Manifesting Our Experiences

It’s great to remember, that whatever you put after the words: ‘I am…’ make a difference in your life as you are declaring that what comes after is in alignment with your god-self. This is so helpful, to remember how powerful your words are. When we are tired, we can say, ‘I feel tired,’ instead of ‘I am tired,’ as to say the latter aligns your god-self with ‘tired.’ Why not try saying instead, ‘I Am the Rainbow Fire of Source’ (or the whole affirmation below) and see how it makes you feel. 


The Rainbow Fire of Source Affirmation


I AM the Rainbow Fire of Source
I AM Archangel Metatron
I AM Merlin
I AM the Shekinah
I AM Divine Manifestation
I AM Infinite Source Light


Below is a video of the Rainbow Fire of Source being sung.


The Rainbow Dragons

The rainbow dragons are connected to magic and delight. If you feel a sense of childlike wonder whenever you see a rainbow, you are opening yourself up to the cosmic gift that is available to you. According to Diana Cooper, if you share universal knowledge, the rainbow dragons will download more for you. Are you sharing your universal knowledge, your gifts, and talents? Your rainbow dragon can help you to do so if you just ask.

I was given the Rainbow Fire of Source when I was completing my dragon training with the Diana Cooper School of White Light. My own personal dragon is a rainbow dragon, and the message came to me clearly that this is to be shared.


The Rainbow Fire of Source at the Diana Cooper School of White Light Reunion

At the opening night of the school reunion of 2023 in Glastonbury, together we sang the Rainbow Fire of Source. First, as we sang it we visualised bringing it into our being, then sent it around the town of Glastonbury. Next, we sent it to the whole planet, and then to the universe.

You can serve the planet by connecting with it and sending it to places that will benefit. Even imagine the whole planet being bathed in the rainbow fire and it benefits every single being and atom. This also – of course – benefits you. The more you use it, the faster you can call upon it and send it. Write or type and print it out and have it closeby so you remember it, and the words written carry that frequency too and affect things around them. 


Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron has a vibrant golden-orange light, and he oversees the ascension of the planet. Metatron reminds us to be all we can be. Not to shy away from our light and our gifts and talents. He reminds us we are being called now to step up. 

Whenever I think of Metatron, I think of his Metatron cube, and this has a feeling of cosmic wonder. I like to have Metatron’s cube in places I will see it. Saying ‘I Am Archangel Metatron’ calls in his energy to powerfully charge you with Metatron’s light. 

“Merlin says: Remember Who You Are.” 


The master wizard and an ascended master. Merlin helps you to activate your magic for the highest good. He transforms and is a shapeshifter. He will often appear to us as a bird, such as a raven, jackdaw, crow, or magpie. Sometimes he presents as a person whom you’ll meet out of the blue. I met Merlin on the Tor, appearing as a man, when I was waiting for a friend one morning, and he reminded gently me to choose my words with care.

Another time, some years earlier, I was driving to Glastonbury, and I saw the Tor as I was approaching the town. Merlin flashed into my consciousness and told me that he inspires me to come back to Glastonbury again and again, as I feel his energy very strongly here. Of course, you need never physically travel anywhere to connect with Merlin. He will connect with you no matter where you are. Go out in nature to feel his energy strongly. 

Merlin reminds us of our own unique wizardry. He puts you in touch with your ability to transform, transmute and manifest within divine alignment. Merlin says: Remember Who You Are. 



Also, ‘the’ Shekinah, is a tenth dimensional universe of vast and enigmatic love and joy. It is the divine feminine creative force that works with Source vision. Also, the feminine counterpart to Metatron’s high-frequency masculine light – they work in tandem. For, just masculine light is out of balance, likewise, just feminine light is also. 


Divine Manifestation

When we make wishes or work to manifest, on the spiritual path, we choose with wisdom what we want to attract. At a lower frequency, when people manifest without the highest good in mind, they are at risk of attracting karma. So always ask, this, or better please, or that which is for my highest good, if you are unsure if that which you are wanting to attract is for your highest good.  


Infinite Source Light

Affirming that you are infinite Source Light is a powerful statement to the divine that you are in alignment with Source. 


Use it Daily for Thirty Days

When we do something daily for a specified time period, we create a new habit and bring about change. Sing or say it three times each morning, as part of your meditation routine, or simply on its own. But before you do, think of your intention. What do you want assistance with today? Perhaps you will decide to dedicate the Rainbow Fire of Source in your life to a specific topic, or each day you could check in and see what’s needed. Or, you can connect to it as a practice and know that you are held in the Rainbow Fire of Source for twenty-four hours from the time you have said or sung it. 


Deepen your practice by calling in the Rainbow Dragons. 

Dear Rainbow Dragons, 

please hold me in your beautiful rainbow light. I am open to magic and miracles and I welcome wonder and delight. 

Thank you. 

It is done. 


Above all: have fun. 

Love Susan