Hello From Heaven

A series of heartwarming stories of miracles and divine intervention, edited by Meghaa Gupta

Unicorn Encounter in France

by Phu Chi Giang in Australia

It was a beautiful summer day on July 1st, after our visit to a petit village Porcieu-Amblagnieu (just one hour drive to the East of Lyon). Cradling in my passenger seat with the cool French summer breezes, I had a good 30 minutes nap while my cousin Patricia was driving me home to Aix-les-Bains which is a very energetically charged region near the Alpes Françaises.

Suddenly, it felt like something nudged our car that my cousin had to wheel the volant correctly and she said « Sorry ». I was nudged out of my nap, not knowing what it was.

As I looked up through the front window and up into the sky, there was the shape of a beautiful Unicorn descending from a staircase of white clouds. I pointed to my cousin but she was concentrated on driving. I pulled my phone up and took as many photos as I could.

You could see the clear layout of our beloved Unicorn friend descending a staircase.


I could feel the unicorn wanting to let me know I have the company of my unicorn wherever I go.

During my visit the following days, I kept seeing white feathers on the ground Thank you, beloved Unicorn. Merci Licorne bien-aimée.

Love and Light

Phu Chi Giang,

Unicorn and Lemurian Planetary Healing teacher in Australia



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