The Fate of Two Abandoned Kittens

By Querine van Grinsven

I would like to share this story with you, not because it is sweet and cute but because this is also a reality. Not everything spiritual is comfortable and easy, with spirituality comes responsibility. A responsibility that has always been ours but we have pretty much averted our eyes to it.

I was on a birding holiday with a small group of birders and we were looking for a special kingfisher. The place was along a road and you would not expect to see such a beautiful place when you look from the bridge downwards. There was an idyllic stream and the flowers stood out against the different types of green of all the trees that filled the area along the stream as far as the eye could see. In the stream were several rocks, beautiful round rocks that had been shaped by the motion of the water. Some branches hung above the water line, a perfect spot for kingfishers.

The group of birders had spread out and I was standing, higher up and not too far from the road, others were below near the stream. There were small bushes there that I had to pass to get a good view of the stream below. We all stood very still and silent as to hopefully get a good glimpse of the kingfisher that may or may not appear.

I heard the sound of kittens, I could tell they were very young. The second kitten was faint and growing more and more silent and the other was desperately calling attention. Being an animal communicator as well as being on a spiritual path I unconsciously tuned into these kittens. The kingfisher made its appearance and swiftly left. I had just enough time to take a quick picture but I was too distracted to really pay attention to the kingfisher.

I couldn’t stop focusing on the kittens. I felt the agony and desperation of the kittens like a pit deep in my stomach. I went around the huge tree to the right of me and tried to communicate with them to locate them. They were very frightened and hungry. I found them tucked away under a root of the tree in a cardboard box. As soon as I found them I was so excited but as quickly as that emotion jumped in so did my own desperation.

These kittens were clearly abandoned and left to die. There were ants and flies and they were literally covered with fly eggs. They were so young and small and their eyes were barely open. I petted them softly and gave them love.

In the back of my mind I knew there was nothing I could do for them, there were no vets anywhere near here, there were no pet shops, there was nowhere I could go where these kittens would get the help they needed. I had taken the kittens back to the birding group and everyone agreed that there was nothing we could do and they wanted to just put them back. My eyes welled up with tears, how could anyone be so cold hearted? And I am not proud of it but I let them take the box from me.

Instead of falling into despair I did the only humane thing that was in my power and that was to ask my spiritual helpers to help me. We got straight on the bus and I went into full healing mode. I gave the kittens all the love and light they needed here on Earth and asked the angels and dragons and the unicorns to come in and help me to take these beautiful souls into the light so their physical suffering could end as soon as possible. The angels confirmed that they were safely helped into the light.

I know this may be a sad story but the reason I feel it is worth sharing is because no matter how desperate you may feel there is always something you can do to help. These kittens really wanted to feel loved before leaving Earth. Can you believe that after such a short but traumatic experience on Earth, they were able to leave peacefully and fulfilled just because they felt loved in the end?

This was such a valuable lesson for me because it taught me that not only can we do so much for life on Earth but we can also do so much spiritually. It made me realize that it was never my task to help them live, that is not why the angels had brought me to the kittens. It was to give them the feeling that they are loved and that they are important, that was what they had come to Earth to experience.

My lesson was that it is not always about me, it is so important to never lose sight of what is the greatest good for the other. We have to listen to what is needed from us in a situation and not what we can gain from a situation. Sometimes things can be just that simple. I am so incredibly grateful to these kittens for teaching me this invaluable lesson!

Love ,