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Golden Atlantis
United Kingdom

From a very young age I always felt different to others around me, I began to realise that I knew about things before they happened, I would hear voices and not know where they came from until I was a teenager and was introduced to reading cards, it was then I became fully connected to my Guardian Angel, the Spirit World and the Angelic Kingdom.

My soul journey continued along varies routes of learning, development and enlightenment; it was always in my mind that I had been here before.

In 1999 the Angels encouraged me to seek medical advice I did and in 2000 I had an operation that saved my life, I could feel the Angels energies around me supporting me and keeping me safe. It was a few months later that I began to notice Diana Cooper and her work with the Angelic Realms in particular the 12 chakra system and later about Atlantis and now known as Golden Atlantis.

Feeling my soul’s strong energetic pull towards assisting others on their journeys I trained as a Master Crystal Therapy Tutor, an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, a Munay-Ki Mentor, an Atlantean Healer & Soul Retrieval Master Practitioner and an Elemental Practitioner.

I feel privileged to have become a Certified Teacher of Golden Atlantis. Through the teachings and healings I do my passion resonates with a life and soul mission that I had in Atlantis, to spread the knowledge, skills, wisdom and healing of the Golden Atlantis Age so that others can become beacons of light into higher frequency to show the way for others.

I am excited to offer bespoke life changing and inspirational Golden Atlantis Workshops for the School in the UK and also on line through Zoom or Skype platforms.

I am willing to travel in the UK on request when possible.

I also offer other trainings to empower your soul’s mission:

Golden Atlantis Age & Priestess Isis Wisdom

Angelic Reiki all levels of training (in person)

Crystals and Crystal Healing Workshops

Munay-Ki Gifting of the Rites (in person)

Healing Treatments face to face or through Zoom/Skype:

Atlantean Healing & Soul Retrieval

Angelic Reiki Healing

Angelic Crystal Reiki

Crystal Meridian/Therapy/Chakra Balancing

Element & Elemental Healing

Other services are:

Cartouche readings

Oracle Card readings

Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

If any of the above resonates with you please feel free to contact me I would love to hear from you.

In Love Light Grace & Gratitude