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Barbara Howard
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Angels MT, Ascension MT, Lemurian Planetary Healing MT, Towards 2032
United Kingdom
Pagham, England

Barbara was born in Lancashire but brought up in Middlesex, then returned to Lancashire when she first got married and where her two sons were born. Family life took over and any spiritual thoughts were put on a back burner. In an unhappy marriage she then decided to move back down South to Bognor Regis to be near her parents. A stressful time followed with the death of her father and the break-up of her marriage during which her faith was severely tested. It was years later, following her meeting with her second husband (a wonderful man who guided her back onto her spiritual path and supported her in everyway he could until he passed away in 2016) that she was able to regain her confidence and move onto her spiritual path once again.

In 1996 Barbara was attuned to First Degree Reiki and by the year 2000 had obtained her Master’s Degree in Tera-Mai™ Reiki and Seichem. In 2001 she attended Diana Cooper’s World Angel Day in Kensington, London and it was there that she realised that she wanted to be able to teach people how they could bring Angels into their lives. In 2006 she left her full-time employment supposedly to retire and graduated as an Angel teacher in February 2008 followed by the Ascension teacher qualification in July 2008. In March 2010 Barbara qualified to teach "2012 and Beyond" and shortly after obtained her Master Teacher certificate and then in July 2010 a Lemurian Healer certificate. September 2011 she obtained a qualification as a Keys to the Universe Facilitator and this was then followed in February 2013 by her Sacred Sound Healing qualification. Barbara is also one of Diana Cooper's team of orb readers and is a mentor for students doing the Angel Correspondence Course.

Barbara loves working with the Angels and their gentle energy and hopes to spread their light to many people.