Green Angels, Part Two (read part one here)


by Cornelia Maria Mohr


Sprouts and Micro Green Angels are inviting YOU today!!

We are some of the millions of Green Angels and we are ready to support you in your life. Just welcome us in your daily diet. We will assist you in bringing in more prana – divine energies into every cell of your body. You will feel more vibrant, lighter and clear on all levels. We boost you up on your ascension pathway.

Here are a few benefits of us, the Sprout and Micro Green Angel, which will embrace you:
  • First of all who are are we? Grow us from seeds e.g. beans, lentils, peas, mung, fenugreek, crimson clover, broccoli, radish, onion, garlic, cabbage, buckwheat, alfalfa, chia, amaranth, quinoa, millet, sunflower, etc.
  • We, your Sprouts and Micro Green Angels are alive, we are living food. Our life-force energy is capable of transferring our life energy to your body.
  • We give your body a high frequency and a high vibration. We boost up your life-force energy because we have the most sunlight or lifeforce energy in us.
  • We are the most nutritious whole food on the planet. We are 10 to 30 times more nutritious than the best vegetables because we are baby plants. At this stage of our growth, we have the greatest concentration of nutrients than at any other point in our life.
  • We are full of antioxidants and a full profile of enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
  • We, your Sprouts and Micro Green Angels make perfect living food.

We are highly digestible and release our nutrients easily due to our delicate cell walls and abundance of enzymes. Enzymes are the catalyst of all life and the key to a healthy system.

  • You will feel a difference in strength, endurance, health and spirituality and experience a sense of well being.
  • As you pick and eat us the same day there will be no loss of nutrients.
  • You can trust that we, your Sprouts Angels are pure because you will grow us. You know, that we are organic. There are no chemicals, pesticide, herbicide or fungicide in us.
  • It is so easy to make us grow. Just rinse us in water twice a day. No special lights and no green thumb required. We can grow in a small space.
  • We offer you more varieties for your salad greens. Your salads will never be boring again!
  • You can buy seeds inexpensively. Then we, your Sprouts and Micro Green Angels multiply to 3-15 times our weight. You can save seeds, and grow us, your own organic food in your own kitchen all year round at a very low cost.
  • No aeroplanes or fuel/oil, no petroleum-based pesticides or synthetic fertilizers will be needed for delivering us to you – better for our precious planet.
  • We, your alfalfa, radish, broccoli, clover and mung bean sprouts angels contain concentrated amounts of phytochemicals that can protect you against disease.
  • We, your broccoli Sprouts Angels contain a substance called sulforaphane, a compound that helps mobilize your body’s natural cancer-fighting resources and reduces the risk of developing cancer.
  • We, your sprouts and Micro Green Angels are a true Superfood.

Cornelia Maria from Germany, a teacher of Diana Cooper School of White Light:

“I love my Green Angels. Especially now, in wintertime it feels so great to have some greens in my kitchen. All Green Angels, especially my sprouts and Micro Green Angels help me to stay in a high vibrational energy and to feel healthy. I use them, for example, to make sprout bread from sprouted buckwheat. Even sprouted pizza or falafel.  Every day they are a huge part of my salads, smoothies or green juices. I love making raw vegan sushi with my Sprouts and Micro Green Angels.”

Use Sprouts and Micro Green Angels. You will feel the difference!

With love and gratitude

Cornelia Maria.