Solstice Initiations – A Special Message from Diana 

“As you will know our School of White Light is part of the Great White Brotherhood, (therefore so are you) and this has accelerated our individual ascension journeys and that of the planet. Quite a number of you are taking your 6th or 7th Ascension initiations now and will go through the inner planes ceremony at the Solstice. Only you will know which ones.

I list the initiations and a little about them below AND I understand that all you brilliant teachers should be saying the mantra I AM THE MONAD, rather than I AM THE SOUL. 


On the path to Ascension, we all must go through a number of initiations and then your final examination is marked with a ceremony in the inner planes. When you pass this, you are at the next level of your ascension journey.

1st Initiation

First is the physical examination which tests your ability to master your body. You need to master food, inappropriate sexual urges, and sleep patterns. To undertake this initiation your soul may call forward a difficult illness or you may be trapped physically or undertake something that requires discipline. You have passed this.

2nd Initiation

The second initiation involves mastering your emotional body.  For this, you may have to go through challenging circumstances where you learn to take charge of your emotions.  You may have to overcome cravings or addictions, including alcohol. You have passed this.

3rd Initiation

The third initiation is the mental one.  Now you must learn to watch your thoughts, and this will involve looking at the beliefs from which your thoughts arise.  By the time you pass the examination you are very aware of what you are thinking and how your thoughts, emotions, and actions are together creating and attracting your reality. You start to focus positively on your life. Now you make choices to forgive others and yourself.  As your frequency rises you become more interested in your spirituality and in serving others and the planet. You now merge with your soul or Higher Self. You have passed this.

4th Initiation

The fourth initiation is usually the most difficult one and is often referred to as the initiation of renunciation. Before you meet the conditions of this initiation you have to let go of everything that is important to you. This is why it is so incredibly challenging. You may lose your job, your family, your health, your reputation, your power to do anything about a situation. Your loved ones may all withdraw from you. You must go through this initiation alone. 

It was during this initiation that I called out to the universe for help and an angel appeared to assist me. That started my spiritual journey.

5th Initiation

The fifth initiation is where you start your ascension journey. This is when your soul or higher self starts to reach up to your Monad.  At the same time your Monad starts to send light down to your soul. It is the very first step in your merge with your Monad or I AM PRESENCE. 

6th initiation – Merging of Soul and Monad

This is where you move fully into the fifth dimension.  During this initiation you have a choice whether you stay or go. Usually you make the choice unconsciously but when I had cancer for the first time I was given this choice twice. After my second operation in less than a week I was not expected to live.  At this point an angelic voice took me through a life review and asked if I wanted to remain or go home. I asked if my dogs and my grandchildren would be alright and was reassured that they would be. I replied, ‘I don’t mind.  Whatever is for the highest good.’  

A few weeks later I had a third operation and once again was told I was unlikely to survive it. However, the spiritual voice went through an even deeper life review with me and, after telling me that my dogs and grandchildren would be fine, asked again, whether I wanted to stay or go. I gave the same reply and clearly it was for the highest good for me to remain. Later I asked why I was offered two opportunities to leave and was told that I wasn’t 100% sure the first time.  After this 6th initiation, though you probably do not feel like it, you are a fledgling Ascended Master.   

7th initiation

The seventh is the last initiation in that incarnation and the rest of your life is in service.  This initiation takes place in the heart chakra and at this point your chakras become a column of light. 

Sanat Kumara is the head of Shamballa. You now merge with Sanat Kumara and the energy of Shamballa. Many of these initiates become worldwide spiritual teachers, even more so nowadays with the advent of the internet and the power of social media.


Lots of love from Diana 


Response from our Principal, Franziska Siragusa


Dear Diana,

Thank you so much for letting me know about this. What an amazing surprise. For over a year, I have been lighting a candle dedicated to my mighty I AM Presence every day, and I affirm that I AM the Monad, I am Love, I am Light, I am Power repeatedly.

A Celebration

I hardly ever go anywhere, but yesterday a friend of mine from Singapore wanted me to take her to visit some friends by car (90 km away). So, I was invited to eat with a group of people I didn’t know, but I felt very welcome and comfortable with them, and it felt like a big celebration. When I came home, I saw your email and got very excited. Initially had some doubts. I asked myself, have I really come this far? If so, why do I still have worthiness, abundance, and health issues? I keep a journal about the initiations I am going through. I have attempted to count them as I go through the seven sublevels (each of the seven major initiations has seven sublevels), and I thought I had arrived at 5.4. This morning I read my notes to check whether I missed something. 

Asking for Signs

I had asked the Masters some time ago to send signs to let me know where I was. When I looked at my notes, I realised what you said makes perfect sense because, on 27th Nov 22, one of my teacher training students, Camilla, created a visualisation. She took me to Lord Maitreya’s retreat in the Himalayas, saying it was to pass an initiation. I knew this was not a coincidence and had really passed an initiation. She guided me to receive ‘the cloak of freedom’ and the ‘crown of enlightenment. Afterwards, she said that I was now serving at cosmic levels. When I checked my book Higher Ascension Tools I wrote under the seventh initiation: You have completed your ascension and are a fully established Ascended Master serving at cosmic levels. When I read that, I knew it was a confirmation because it was the same words Camilla had said to me.

Sanat Kumara

What I also found in my notes was a message on 23rd Sept 21, Sanat Kumara came in very powerfully with golden light, and I heard myself repeatedly saying in a trance, ‘Father, I am coming home, Father, I am coming home ….’. This was a very profound experience. I love Sanat Kumara and feel so close to him. I think Lord Melchizedek sent me on a mission with Sanat Kamara aeons ago when he first came to Earth.

The Skull of Love

And, of course, the heart chakra. I have never felt so much Love as in the last few months. I had amazing experiences with the Skull of Love (the Mitchell-Hedges Skull) and my event, ‘Raise Your Love Quotient. On Saturday, I did an event for Taiwanese people with Chinese translating into Chinese. I did an exercise with them where they had to answer three questions: What are your dreams? What activities bring you satisfaction? What action does your soul want you to take? My answers were: to be Love, inspire others and carry on as I am doing.

These are exciting times, and I am so grateful, Diana, that I can make this amazing Earth experience with you and be a Principal Teacher of the School.

Lots of Love and Ascension Blessings,


PS: Because my experience meditating with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull was so profound, I asked Bill whether we could do it again. He agreed, and we will do a free Live 40-minute meditation to send Love to the World with the solstice energies on 22.12.22. Click here for more information A Solstice Meditation to Send Love to the World with the Mitchel Hedges Crystal Skull – Franziska Siragusa