Skype Teaching

The Diana Cooper School of White Light is now offering everyone the opportunity to attend Teacher Training courses via Skype! This is ideal for people who cannot attend courses in person, or those who wish to learn over an extended period of time. The course covers the same content as the traditional course.

On successful completion of the course the student will be awarded a Teacher Certificate and be invited to become a member of the Diana Cooper School of White Light.

Sessions can be weekly, bi weekly or monthly depending on the requirements of the student. Each Skype teaching session will last approximately two hours.

The schedule will be agreed between the Master Teacher and the student.

The Teacher Training module consists of 6 sessions and the Angel/Ascension/Golden Atlantis modules consist of 11 sessions with the option of a 12th session if needed.

Students will need to have a volunteer with whom to carry out practical work during some sessions.

It will be necessary to have a Skype connection that can support a web camera and a private space so the sessions will be undisturbed.

There will be homework to do in between each session as well as additional course work which needs to be handed in by the end of the course.

Skype courses are currently available in the following topics only:

  • Angels

  • Ascension

  • Golden Atlantis

The Skype courses are currently taught by:
Penny Wing,
Susan Rudd,

Please email one of these teachers directly if you need any further information, or wish to book a place on any of the above courses.

The cost for Skype courses is £1100 for the teacher training module followed by the Angel, Ascension OR Golden Atlantis modules.

If you have already completed the Diana Cooper Teacher Training module the price is £735 for Angels OR Ascension.