Dear Sharon

The Earth and Fire Dragon shows up. They help to move you forward. They can also help to resolve your challenges. They can help you raise your vibrations so that you can resonate more fully with the fifth dimensional qualities of love, clarity, kindness, authenticity etc.

Ask these powerful dragons to clear the pathway infant of you. You will have a sense of clarity and direction.

Dragon Card by Diana Cooper

Anything that you do with an element of service will be beneficial for you and the the ones who receive.

Here is a short visualisation to work with the Earth and Fire Dragons

  1. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Sit down and close your eyes.
  3. Bring your attention to your breath and focus on this rhythm of life that is with you at all times
  4. Allow yourself to relax completely.
  5. Now call upon the earth dragons to help you ground your energies into Mother Earth.
  6. A beam of white light from the Source enfolds you completely.
  7. Archangel Michael steps forward and places his deep blue cloak of protection around you, zipping it up from toe to chin, covering your head with a hood.
  8. Ask the Earth and Fire Dragon to step in front of you.
  9. It is enfolding you in its light.
  10. Visualise your life path ahead of you. Send this light to your pathway for clarity and direction.
  11. See these dragons help you ground your vision and bring it to your reality with ease and clarity.
  12. When you feel ready, thank the Dragons
  13. Once again bring your attention to your breath, settle in the familiarity of your body, feel the anchoring of Mother Earth, very gently open your eyes.
  14. Namaste