Dear Arleen

Fire and Water Dragon shows up to help you be in the loving flow of life. It is a sign that if you have been feeling stuck in a rut, a change and a shift is imminent.

Dragon Card by Diana Cooper

Work with the Fire and Water Dragons to prepare for change and to move with the flow of your life. Do it with a sense of expecting good to happen, with the sense of excitement we hold when we are arriving at something new.

They can help you bring an internal shift by burning out the old and filling you up with enthusiasm. Ask them to inspire and motivate you to have your sense of joie de vivre back! This would reflect outward in all your experiences.

You can do this inner work with the Fire and Water Dragon using this visualisation

    1. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed.
    2. Sit down and close your eyes.
    3. Bring your attention to your breath and focus on this rhythm of life that is with you at all times
    4. Allow yourself to relax completely.
    5. Now call upon the earth dragons to help you ground your energies into Mother Earth.
    6. A beam of white light from the Source enfolds you completely.
    7. Archangel Michael steps forward and places his deep blue cloak of protection around you, zipping it up from toe to chin, covering your head with a hood.
    8. Ask the Fire and Water Dragon to step in front of you.
    9. It is enfolding you in its light. It is clearing away the old and giving you a sense of joy and expecting the best.
    10. See yourself filling with a sense of enthusiasm and positivity.
    11. See yourself having fun. See yourself flowing with life free of the old, welcoming the new.
    12. When you feel ready, thank the Dragon
    13. Once again bring your attention to your breath, settle in the familiarity of your body, feel the anchoring of Mother Earth, very gently open your eyes.
    14. NamasteLove