The Diana Cooper School of White Light Reunion Goes Online

by Surabhi Kalsi

In dealing with a changing world and existence due to the pandemic, a lot of carefully laid plans went for a toss. Before COVID-19, London was the arranged destination for The Diana Cooper School of White Light Reunion 2020 – the planetary Earth Star Chakra. The reunion team had put in a lot of work, and a lot of teachers had signed up!


As the pandemic crisis deepened, international travel was impossible. Holding the reunion in London was no longer possible as gatherings were not allowed. As is the gift of these challenging times, it led to exploring other possibilities. The reunion team decided to hold the event online. This was new for everyone, and it was exciting because it would allow everyone to come together without the investment in travel etc. We could attend from the comfort of our homes.


It was a great experience seeing some familiar and lots of new faces! Teachers logged in and joined the reunion from all over the world. The energy and excitement was amazing, and it felt like we were all connected in Spirit, love and technology. The first day was the Master Teacher/Council of Divine Light open meeting, and many teachers attended.


The second day Rosemary led us through a beautiful song – I AM the Gold Ray of Christ as we began the meeting, creating sacred space with each one of us held in the golden light of Christ. We were ready to start.


Diana took us on a wonderful journey; she led us through a beautiful and soulful meditation to the cosmic heart, the cosmic rose and the different ascended planets. We started at the Earth Star Chakra of the Mother Earth, the bountiful Hyde Park in London – which was power-packed with angels, dragons, all the teachers of the school past and present, the masters of the ascended planets, great mighty archangels and masters. Each teacher received a blessing, and each teacher is a blessing to this world – this was Diana’s message. The feeling of being a part of the great white brotherhood was very real, and I could see the pools of white light that surround the school and the teachers and this light goes out like several beams into the planet and the Universe. The teachers were very moved and felt grateful to be a part of this energy, this great light and for Diana and the way she held space for all to blossom in their own unique ways.


I experienced a deep connection with the Dragon energy – as if it was surrounding us firmly and helping us on our mission of creating love and light on this planet. I could feel the excitement of new things to come for the school and the teachers.


Day Three of the reunion, the AGM was held online for the first time.  We scheduled Dragon’s Day for the 5th of October 2020, and Unicorn day would be held either in August or September.  Once again, the day had beautiful moments with Rosemary singing and Diana guiding us through another magnificent visualisation.  As we continued to work with the Earth Star, she also called in the energy of Sirius, the cosmic sun, Neptune and the number one. She led us through a journey of awakening and receiving as well as balancing our Masculine and Feminine aspects.


As it often happens, things and events unfold in the future as a ripple effect from connecting with these cosmic energies and beings. The intention was to awaken individuality, leadership, motivation to bring forth our gifts and purpose into this world.


It was a great experience to be a part of this reunion, chatting with teachers in virtual chat rooms, going through compelling visualisations and taking collective decisions to bring the energy of the school even more powerfully into the world.  A big thank you to Diana, to the reunion team and all the wonderful teachers of this unique School of White Light.


Surabhi Kalsi

DCSWL Master Teacher Angels, Unicorns and Transform Your Life