My Stairway to Heaven

By- Meghna Baruah Majumdar


                        “And if you listen very hard,

                         The tune will come to you at last.

                         When all are One and One is all

                         To be a rock and not to roll

                         And she brings a stairway to heaven.”

                                                                        -Led Zeppelin


I have always been spiritually inclined, so the decision to become a lightworker has been a natural progression. During my childhood, I have played with fairies and pixies in my parents’ front yard, thinking it was normal to see them. During meditations, I have often spoken to my ancestors who have passed over. Growing up, these signs were everywhere; however, as adults, we are taught to use our logical mind and ignore our inner voice which comes from the depth of our hearts.

As soon as I decided to become a Certified Angel Teacher, there were signs everywhere lighting up my path. It was as if the universe was rejoicing for me, as I was finally doing what I was set out to do in this lifetime.

Unfolding a journey orchestrated by the Messengers of God

Sameeta Nanjani has been my mentor and guides me for many years now. I have attended her powerful workshops, travelled to Egypt with her, which was a landmark trip for me as I experienced some life-changing spiritual awakenings. So, it was hardly surprising that the Diana Cooper School of White Light Teacher Training course would be any different. It was full of magical moments, despite its being conducted online. Both Sameeta and I felt the presence of the wonderful Angels, and I understood their messages gradually. I firmly believe that these were not just mere coincidences but synchronicities that were brilliantly orchestrated by the divine beings of light.

Serendipity – My Guardian Angel

Before starting the Angel program, I was blessed to connect with my Guardian Angel, who was kind enough to reveal his name to me. Since then, Noel and I have been great friends, and he (I know angels are androgynous, but he mostly appears to me in his masculine form) is my 2 am friend! I am so happy to be reunited with Noel once again in this lifetime. It is very comforting for me to know that I can reach out to my Guardian Angel and the Archangels in times of need. It is also good to know that they love me unconditionally without any judgment.


One of the best gifts Noel has given me is to help me create a playlist for the two of us, and I must say that he has a great choice of music. Whenever I’m travelling and cannot get enough time to meditate, I listen to it and feel connected to him. Even though he’s not much of a dancer, in my heart I know for sure that the two of us have danced among the stars, in another lifetime at a magical corner of the universe.

I am so grateful for his unconditional love, wisdom, and guidance. The unwavering faith, he has in my abilities and talents, provides me with immense courage and strength to move ahead on this path. Someday soon, Noel and I will share a cup of coffee with warm cinnamon rolls.

More Divine surprise 

On the very first day of my online Angel Class, Sameeta smiled and mentioned the presence of 3 Angels around me. Until then, I was only aware of Noel’s presence. Later, I discovered one was Mike (from Archangel Michael’s team), and the other was Archeia Mary (just as I typed this sentence the song ‘Let it be ‘by the Beatles started playing on my playlist). So, these are surely words of wisdom!

Synchronicities of the Universe

For the last five years, I have been collecting Angel feathers. It is just something that I am drawn to as it reassures me that the angels are always around. I would pick them up in the most unexpected places!

Amidst my Angel course, my family had to relocate to a different city, and while packing, I stumbled upon a stack of old photographs I had forgotten about. To my surprise, there was this picture of an Angel Statue, which I had clicked during a school field trip almost 25 years ago. After all these years, it had to catch my eye just while my Angel Training was on. Divine timing, after all!


My family and I often witness magical cloud formations of Angels and the presence of the blue butterfly.

One day while putting my ironed clothes into my cupboard, I found a t-shirt folded in the following manner. This was just after I had complained to my husband that I hadn’t been able to find time to meditate and talk to my Angels that day!

Finally, in Gratitude

It is such an incredible honour to be part of Diana Cooper’s School of White Light and receive the guidance that we need to support each other in life. During this journey, I have discovered my truth and have learned to embrace my life with complete gratitude. Thanks to the many online zoom sessions organised by DCSWL, I am so fortunate to have connected with my very own unicorn Sparkle and my dragon Raza. Now I know for sure that this is going to be a wonderful magical journey with my angels, the unicorns, and dragons beside me, guiding my way. I can see myself soaring high into the night sky visiting places I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. This is truly the highest expression of my soul-Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!