Mother Mary Bless Me

By Claudia Amaranda

This summer I experienced a wonderful encounter on Facebook. I saw an artist present a painting to a German spiritual teacher. I was so touched by the situation, which was shown in a short video, that I immediately looked up where the artist lived. And to my absolute surprise, the address given was only about one hour away from my home. As I studied the homepage, I became more and more immersed in the images of angels, archangels and angelic gates of light. I was deeply moved; completely enraptured and immediately wrote an email to the artist. I was very pleased to receive an invitation to visit him and have a cup of tea in his studio within the next twenty-four hours. Truly incredible, but true! I am very touched as I write these lines.

Could I do this too?

I have never had such a natural conversation with a stranger. I was blown away by his many paintings and wished so much to paint like him. In my school days, I was able to discover and develop my artistic talent, but to paint again now at the age of 56? I don’t know…

Atlantean Connection

Since I read Diana’s book “Discover Atlantis“, it has always crossed my mind whether it would still be possible for me in this life to paint pictures with a healing aura that people hang up in their homes for the highest good of all. Maybe even pictures that spread healing energies and promote health.

My Vision

But back to the studio. The artist not only paints himself but also gives courses. This was my opportunity. I immediately booked an appointment. My aim was to put on paper the vision I had experienced more than 33 years ago. At that time I was pregnant with my daughter and quite desperate. In the middle of the night, I woke up and the room I was in opened upwards and I saw Mother Mary with a bright wreath of lights giving me a message: I am with you. And suddenly I knew that I would receive the strength, courage and everything I would need in life to take good care of myself and my child. The despair was gone and great joy and confidence filled me.

All is Well

A few months later, my daughter was born with a heart defect and one extra chromosome. I felt in my heart that all was well. And years later……… this was my greatest wish: to paint the vision I experienced with Mother Mary. Of course, I asked myself: Can I do that? And yes, indeed. Within three months I learned a new technique and piece by piece I put my vision on paper. It was a very moving process.

Déjà vu

I had there in the studio, memories, déjà vu and knew very well that I was not doing this for the first time. After the painting sessions, I was a different person. I cried more than I had in years. It was totally liberating. I was happy and deeply grateful for the opportunity. Maybe I can touch you with a painting?

I am so grateful to Rosemary Stephenson for providing me with one of her composed pieces of music which accompanies the short video I want to share with you here.

Greeting you warmly,

Claudia Amaranda, Germany

Curative Teacher and Teacher in the Diana Cooper School of White Light