Dear Teacher,

Have you trained in Lemurian Planetary Healing or ever attended a DCSWL workshop on it? If so, you are most welcome to join the weekly Zoom healing sessions that run every Thursday, alternate times 12:00 midday UK time, and the other one is 6 pm UK time. Here’s what some of the participants are experiencing:

Bettina Siemsen

The insights and messages I get from my Lemurian guide are so powerful and sometimes amazing. Last time I got this beautiful and loving information to share with everyone in the group:

Dear Wise Ones, do by no means underestimate the power of your meditation and your service work. You are an amazing group with wide-open hearts. Your pure deep love for beautiful planet Earth and Lady Gaia flows with the Lemurian golden-white Light into Earth, bringing much needed healing and blessings to the whole planet and all the living beings in and on her.

Blessings, for you are the reward.

Franziska Siragusa

In the Lemurian healing group, we connect and merge our consciousness to work as one, which is just an amazing feeling. I love how every time I am taken on a different journey to bring healing to the varied and beautiful lifestreams of the Earth and the Universe. I might meet with a crocodile, a bee, a tree, snow-capped mountains, crystals within the Earth or star beings; the outcome is always the same: WE ARE ONE.

Nisha Miglani

I absolutely love the Lemurian Planetary Healing Sessions! Though I can only attend every other week due to the time difference in the US, I really look forward to them. These sessions really bring about the love and power of Oneness that we all long for while continuing the service work of the Lemurians. Connecting with the highest frequency as One and really feeling the love and support of Mother Earth is in itself a blessing. The insights are incredible, and sending the Lemurian light and love to our beautiful planet and everyone in it as guided is an honour and also very soul-satisfying.

Jutta Lorenz

In our Lemurian healing group, we have people from England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, France, the States, India, South Africa, Italy and Australia. We are totally free to attend or not, and it is wonderful to see people coming back. The feeling of oneness is a strong, warm feeling in times of change. For me, Mother Mary and the unicorns are very present. Each time we do something for our planet, we do something good for ourselves, too, and I always come out of the group uplifted and with a good feeling. I am sure that our work contributes to entering the new golden age. So I am very honoured and grateful to attend. Please feel free to join us! That would be wonderful.

Susan Browne

The Lemurian healing zoom meetings were started in 2018. It was arranged as a one-off, but it just kept going. In 2020 when the pandemic began, we decided to increase from fortnightly to weekly, such was the strength and enthusiasm of the community. There is no pressure to attend each week. Some like to come each time, and others come occasionally when they can make it. We alternate the lunchtime session with the evening session to fit in with more people.

Every week a group of us from different countries meet online to do this work together. It takes us about half an hour, occasionally a little longer. Different participants volunteer to lead the meditation each time, and the group acts as one, without hierarchy.

The zoom link invitation is posted each week in the private teacher Facebook group so you can find it there, or if you’re not on Facebook, get in touch. New participants are most welcome.

It’s fun and very uplifting, and people receive insights from the Lemurians, angels, unicorns and masters as we do this powerful work together. There are, of course, blessings for us individually from doing this work as well as to our precious Lady Gaia, who tells us often how far-reaching this work is.

I was guided to create the video below in December 2018 for anyone to use who wants to do Lemurian healing at a time when a partner/group to work with isn’t available. Of course, you can use this any time. However, because Lemurian Planetary Healing is so powerful, you need to know what you are doing. For this reason, the video is created for the use of those who have trained or attended a workshop already.