In the Eyes of an Elephant

by Querine Van Grinsven

I just got back from Zambia, where I was on a vacation with my husband. We went on an amazing safari which was an experience full of adventure with so many animal species. We had a flat tire and found ourselves in a village where there were riots. We also landed in the middle of the bush on an airstrip in a Cessna Caravan with a Dutch pilot! In the picture, you can see that animals came so very close, especially the elephants. It was indeed a very special experience.

During breakfast, I got the opportunity to communicate with the elephants that came to the lodge. They came in peace and were glad of their time here. There are trees located on the premises that produce a type of bean with seeds in it and elephants love eating these. They place their tusks in between the trees and with their head they push the tree so they can shake the beans out of them. There is truly no better way for them to demonstrate why they need their tusks. Elephants grow tusks out of necessity and not for decoration in human homes. There is a whole generation of elephants born without tusks, they have been mutated this way so as to not get slaughtered. But this is a whole different discussion.

I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and love they radiated while we all enjoyed our breakfast. I chatted with the elephants during breakfast and at a certain point I asked why they come here – among the people. They answered that they want to show people that humans and animals can live in harmony, there are no boundaries and nothing truly belongs to anybody. Everything that nature provides is for all of us. When we live in harmony then there can be a symbiotic relationship and yes, we shall have to adapt.

I am so grateful to receive this message and I am keeping my promise to the elephants, by passing on this message to as many people as possible.

I showed my gratitude by sending them lots of love and an elephant stood in front of me and fell asleep. I had tears in my eyes because I felt his love so deeply in my core that it was just overwhelming. He felt my love too and it showed so much peace and trust that he was able to sleep there and then. It was such an incredible exchange. It was so simple yet such a memorable experience.

-Querine Van Grinsven