A Sacred Ceremony to honour the Kingdoms of the Minerals, Elementals and Nature

by Melinda/Elisabeth White Rose and Franziska Siragusa

We would like to share with you the beautiful ceremony we held to celebrate the completion of Melinda’s teacher training course.  It was based on an exercise which she had created for the previous day, which involved sending love and gratitude to a crystal companion and a plant companion.  We agreed on our intention to send love and appreciation to these kingdoms, and we meditated for 5 minutes to receive inspiration on how to do it.  We shared the outcome and agreed to the following:


  • To make a spiral out of gemstones on the floor and to invite the plants to participate in the ceremony together with us.


  • We had communicated with the plants previously, and we had asked the name of each one of them. We decided to write the names on a piece of paper and place it next to each plant.  Their names are Tika, Raya, Rebecca, Kimberly, Kimberlay, Pimponio, Miramur and Amanda.


  • To light three small candles and dedicate them to each of the kingdoms.


  • To light a big candle and dedicate it to a deeper connection with all three kingdoms, for us and all of humanity.


  • Franziska would invoke: Kuan Yin, Archangel Purlimiek, the Mighty Pan, the Elementals,  the Archangels Uriel and Aurora, the Unicorns, the Dragons, our own guides including Melinda’s tree guide and Franziska’s fairy guide.


  • Melinda would welcome the plants and the gemstones, asking them to participate in a five-minute meditation with us.


Melinda’s Feedback of the Ceremony


We created the most beautiful spiral out of Franziska’s (and my three) gemstones.  Then we placed all the plants from her home around it.  We dedicated the candles to honour the kingdoms, as well as for a deeper connection with them.  Then we called in our guides and helpers. We sat down in a circle formed by the plants and us, and we all meditated together. 


I centred myself in the heart and sent love and gratitude to the participants.  I felt the event was very important because sparks of the energy went out into the Universe and rippled across it.  These sparks of energy came together and created a mighty column of light right up into the Universe as well as down into Mother Earth. There, again, the energy was welcomed joyously by the beings of Hollow Earth, and they celebrated with us.


What a blessed, powerful mediation it was! I feel gratitude towards my guides and Angels for this beautiful event. I feel so happy and privileged to have been able to be a part of it.


Franziska’s Feedback of the Ceremony


Creating the spiral out of my crystals and stones took quite a bit of time because I wanted to make sure that every single one was included, and I have many!   I didn’t want anyone to be left out.  I invoked the higher beings that we had agreed upon plus Lord Buddha, who spontaneously appeared. 


During the five minute meditation, the energy was so incredibly high that I felt as if I was floating.  I felt more deeply connected to crystals and plants than I had ever before.  I sensed that the Lemurian crystals within the Earth were reaching out and connecting with us to empower our service work.  I became aware that crystal pendants who had been forgotten in my jewellery boxes joined it.  It was amazing!


My heart was full of gratitude for having been part of this ceremony and for having met Melinda.  She has such a beautiful connection with trees, plants and minerals that I felt she brought this as a gift to me.  The outcome of our ceremony was a deeper connection with all plants and crystals, and I had the feeling that they really enjoyed it!