Hello From Heaven

Pipoca’s Healing with the UnicornsBy Alejandra Hein

Pipoca is my three year old bichon frise dog. Her name in English means popcorn and we named her this way because she is white and curly. She is furry and fluffy and beautiful in every way.

Pipoca is the sweetest, caring, and patient dog I’ve ever met. Whenever her sister, Bella, takes over her space or takes her toys away, she gently and patiently waits until Bella gets bored and she can go back to retrieve them. She also knows to wait for her turn, never rushing or trying to push ahead. If I could only use one word to describe her, I would just say “sweet”.

There’s only one thing that moves Pipoca out of balance and that is food, especially when we buy a new bag of dog food. She just transforms and becomes very protective of her food, she will stay next to the bag of food and will not allow her sister to come close to it. She will even sleep next to the bag and only leave its side for a few moments a day. This behavior would generally last for about 5 days and this same scenario has repeated for the past 3 years since Pipoca was a few months old. A brand new bag of food would arrive at the house and Pipoca would become its faithful guardian and protector.

We have tried many things to distract Pipoca’s attention from the bag of food, like placing it in a different room behind closed doors, but she will just move herself to the door and stand guard there. In the end, we just learned to surrender and accept Pipoca as she is, realizing this is beyond her control and giving her extra love and support during those difficult days.

Unicorns help all sentient beings heal at soul level…

I’ve prayed and asked for help for Pipoca many times because I feel that her food issue is related to past life trauma, perhaps being starved to death in another life. Until recently, I became aware of the Unicorns and how amazing these light beings are, offering healing at a soul level. So, I asked the Unicorns to work under grace on Pipoca’s healing.

How Pipoca’s behavior transformed completely….

I was completely amazed when a brand new bag of dog food arrived at our home and saw how Pipoca came running and waving her tail, sniffed it for a few moments, and then moved along. She would go back several times a day to check if the bag was still in its place, but nothing like her previous behavior where she would not leave its side. Also, I can feel a new sense of security and lightness in Pipoca’s energy, it is like she has shaken off the chains that kept her imprisoned by her fears. Overall, she looks and feels happy and carefree. And all thanks to the healing of the Unicorns, that we’re able to go deep into her ancestral past and cleared the roots of her painful behavior.

I’m deeply grateful for the Unicorn’s healing work and can only imagine how the whole world could change if we just invoke them more.

By Alejandra Hein, Dragon & Unicorn Teacher in Bolivia


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