Hello from Heaven

Heartwarming stories of miracles from Heaven! by Master Teacher Meghaa Gupta

Dragons and Fairies in my garden:

“Last year when we were confined to our homes because of lockdown, I took an interest in gardening. I love the smell of the earth and the texture of the soil. I love to see the buds bloom into flowers and the giggles of the fairies in my balcony garden. 

I was leading the Dragon Teacher Training online, sitting next to my balcony garden, and in one of my sessions, I was inspired by the Christed Dragons to work with them to bring their love to my garden. In summer I started invoking the Earth Dragons to strengthen the plants and to the Water Dragons to nourish them with Christ Light. And to my amazement, I started observing that the plants are giving more flowers and are healthier. My balcony garden started attracting many songbirds and I would listen to their sweet song and the soft music from my windchimes, thanking the Dragons and the Fairies with all the love in my heart. ” – Meghaa

Tara’s Story:

“I have been doing my grounding and higher self meditation every day in my garden, and flowers started to grow right where I meditate each day! I always used to picture mother Earth’s crystal a little to the left for some reason and that’s exactly where the flower is growing!! It was so beautiful and amazing.”