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Winter Solstice With Dragons & Angels

Magical time of _Winter Solstice_ is here presenting golden opportunities to release the year with grace and invite the new year with gratitude! Here is my pre-recorded session for you at a holiday discount

_Winter Solstice with the Angels & Golden Christed Dragons and the Lilac Fire Source Dragons_

This Session is PRE RECORDED at one of my most powerful workshops.

Registration link & ALL DETAILS on: http://bit.ly/Solstice-Angels-Dragons

You can attend this powerful session anytime from 20th December onwards at your comfortable time.

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins
Date: at your comfortable day & time

Discounted Fee: (till Dec 25th )
– ₹2100 (for Indian Citizens)
– ⁠$40 (for Foreign citizens)

For Indian currency use GPay/Paytm: +91 9007056166
For USD/ GBP please use:
Wise.com: astro.megz@gmail.com


Solstice with Angels & Golden Christed Dragons, Lilac Fire Source Dragons


– The lilac fire dragons work together with the Archangels Zadkiel, Gabriel and Chamuel.
– The 9th Dimensional LILAC FIRE SOURCE DRAGONS of transcendent love and enlightenment will bathe you in love and divine feminine qualities, as they enable you to let go with ease and serenity all that no longer serves you.
– Then the GOLDEN CHRISTED DRAGONS will source the Christ light at a ninth-dimensional frequency from  Lakumay, which they will step down to the appropriate level for you. When they pour Christ light into your body, you can absorb it at a cellular level which supports the building of your crystalline light body as well as your ascension.

After registering for the workshop, you will receive the recording to view the session in your email.


If you have any difficulty accessing this Google Form, please write to me and I will send you details on Email.

Email: astro.megz@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +91 9007056166

ABOUT TRAINER: Meghaa Gupta is Certified Master Teacher & Teacher Trainer with Diana Cooper School of White Light (UK), Pranic Healer, Licensed ‘Heal Your Life’ Trainer with Hay House USA

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