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Welcome the New Golden Age by planting the seeds of new 5th Dimensional World.

you will learn…
• Personal transformation and preparation for change
• Path of Ascension with Archangel Metatron ,Lord Kumeka
*Connecting to cosmic pyramids
• Initiations & How to prepare yourself for the transition • Spiritual Purification, desolve fear & Clearing Illusion
• Holding the vision
• Spiritual Practice & New Higher Protections
• Fifth Dimensional Protection, Seventh Dimensional Protection ,Ninth Dimensional Protection.
• Gain enlightenment by removing the seven veils
• Enlightenment & Crystalline Bodies.
• The Metatron Cloak ,The Gold and Silver Cloak of Perfect Balance and Harmony
• Abundance and Manifesting
* Cosmic chakras
• Life in the fifth dimension & How to live in fifth dimension
*connecting to elemental Dragons & Unicorns
• After 2032 & Golden Cities