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Transform Your Life – Online Teacher Training

Transform Your Life- Teacher Training – Online via Zoom or Skype

Our planet is ascending and with it the people are awakening to higher realms and the Higher Beings. If you have an inner calling to share your light with the world and help others find theirs, then this Teacher Training course might just be your prayers answered.

After this intensive one-to-one course you can lead your own Transformational workshops anywhere in the world. 

This training is a 18 session of 2 hour each. If you are already a teacher then it will be a 12 sessions only.

The start date is flexible and can be scheduled to suit your comfortable timings.

Contact me if you feel you have a calling to take this training. If you would like to chat about it, feel free to get in touch with me.  

Lots of angel blessings at every step of your way. Blesses be!

Master Teacher & Teacher Trainer Meghaa Gupta

For details please write to me on,

Email : astro.megz@gmail.com

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