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Transform Your Life Teacher Training Online ~ One To One

Do you have a desire to help others to achieve their highest potential by imparting to them an understanding of the spiritual laws and how they apply in all areas of our lives?
When we align with the spiritual laws, this leads to mastery on all levels and enables our lives to flow with ease.
The course can also be taken for personal development and growth.

The course consists of 18 session~ 12 if you are already a teacher with the Diana Cooper School.
Each session lasts approximately 2 hours
There is homework to complete between sessions.
On successful completion of the course, students receive a certificate as a Teacher with the Diana Cooper School.

As we work one to one, all dates, including the start date, can be agreed as we proceed through the course.

Please contact me for further information or to arrange your start date~ it would be my honour and pleasure to share part of your journey

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