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Towards 2032 Online Teacher Training

2012 marked the beginning of a cleansing of the World, where mighty energies poured down onto the planet to help people to raise their vibrations. The World started to change and it will emerge as a fifth-dimensional planet in 2032. The higher the consciousness of the people the easier these changes will be, therefore the more people we can inform and enlighten the better it will be. This course offers help and assistance to work with and integrate these energies. It is the intention of this course to offer knowledge and skills in a way that will empower you to spread important information about the changes happening in our world now by facilitating your own groups and workshops. The valuable information in this course will also enhance your personal life, aiding you to gain the most benefit from the transition years. This work is vitally important for the planet to transcend to the fifth dimension.

The course takes place via Zoom and consists of 36 hrs of training, for example, 18 two-hour sessions, at the cost of £1188. If you are already a teacher then it is 12 sessions at the cost of £792.

Contact me if you are interested in taking this training. The start date is flexible and can be scheduled to suit your needs.

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