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Time To Shine

How to bring more light into all areas of your life!   

Are you feeling slightly lost, confused, isolated from those around you at times, one minute feeling great and then the next minute not so great? Do you feel as if something is missing from your life?

Do you have a deep, inner calling to change how you are currently living your life, to make BIG changes? Are you feeling as if something within you is rising to the surface but you do not know exactly what it is; what you DO know though, is that your soul, who you really are, is telling you that now is the time for you to remember who you really are and to step into your power!

If this sounds like you, then this bespoke, transformational course can help you DO exactly that.  

Working with a variety of different, magical tools your soul mission, your spiritual journey will start to unfold and reveal itself to you.

Blocked energy is dissolved; issues from the past that have kept you stuck are just gently released. You will find yourself ready to fulfil your true spiritual potential! This is what your soul has been waiting for – it is time to shine!!

Once you start to radiate out more of your divine light, your life just starts to become so much more fulfilling, peaceful and abundant. Even more magical, is that this energy then filters out to have an effect on all those around you – from partners, family and friends to work colleagues or clients.     

The Time to Shine course consists of:       

– An initial 90 minute session – this includes discussing what you hope to achieve from the course and also discussing your life path number and your birth name using colour bottles which will reveal to you why you are here and who you are!

– 2 x 90 minute bespoke sessions – these include useful information, practical work, activations and bespoke meditations, all helping to bring in more magic!

– Daily contact via email or messenger whenever needed

If you are ready to reconnect with who you really are and to feel lighter and shine brighter, then I AM ready to guide you and show you how!

The exchange for this course is only £199 













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