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The Way Of The Nature Lightworker

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand Mother Earth and all Her Kingdoms.

  • Connect and work with the energies of the mighty Light Beings in charge of Gaia and Her beautiful kingdoms.

  • Work with Angels, Archangels, the Mighty Seraphim Seraphina, the Unicorns, and Nature and Earth Dragons.

  • Learn how to send Healing, Love, Light and Gratitude to Nature and all Her kingdoms.

  • Learn about Lemurian Healing.

  • Understand and benefit from the healing energies and the limitless wisdom of Nature.

Perfect for you, Lightworker:

  • who feels in your heart the call of working with Mother Nature.

  • whose original soul purpose aims to restore Love, Light and Beauty of Mother Earth and Respect between all Her creatures.

This workshop includes:

  • 2 one-to-one sessions of 2 hours each (4 hours in total) on Zoom.

  • Practical activities and visualizations.