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Spiritual Counselling For Intuitive Empaths.become Who You Truly Are. Become The Fulfilled, Joyful, Happy, Creative, Free, Powerful You.

Through Spiritual Counselling, I guide you to connect with your soul purpose and become fully aware of your inner resources.

Understanding who you really are and how you can use your gifts will help you trust your inner abilities, stand up for your needs and find purpose in life. Ultimately, you will feel grounded and experience a meaningful and balanced life.

It will also empower you to step up and fulfill your soul mission as a Lightworker, contributing to a better world through your individual spiritual service.

We will explore your individual gifts and resources, so you know those treasures you already have.

We will define your needs and wants as well as boundaries and tools for those.

We will work towards a beautiful, balanced, and empowering relationship with your inner self, your Soul and your Guides & Angels.

You will understand the empowering difference between TO DO and TO BE.

At the end of the session, you will have achieved seeing yourself in an empowered, resourceful way; you will feel alive, ready to be yourself, and to do what you came here for.

Here are the most frequent themes I work on with my clients:

• Missing something
• Feeling different
• Concerns about the world
• Anchoring daily practice
• Rebalancing and recharging
• Protection and boundaries