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Soul & Light Language Channeling With Our Beloved Unicorns

Come experience the magic of channeling soul languages and light languages with our beloved Unicorns. This introductory interactive workshop will focus primarily on spoken forms of expressive light language.

Take a journey with these high vibration Unicorn guides in this exciting experience at the soul level!

In this 4 week/8 session ZOOM platform workshop you will:

Be connected with a unicorn guide.

Activate, Clear and Balance your 5th dimensional chakra system with your unicorn.

Learn the importance of making yourself available as a pure divine channel and take away some great tools.

Learn more about the divine wisdom of light languages and soul languages which until activated are dormant within the DNA of each and every one of us.

Experience a meditation activation with a soul language and light language as well as be supported to actively practice and integrate this activation through fun workshop activities.

Gain understanding of how soul languages & light languages by-pass ego and can aid and assist your personal ascension.

Each participant will be provided with additional recordings for their own personal use to further support development of these skills AND will have have free access to an on-going zoom playground to come frolic and play with our unicorns to support one another in our soul language expressions even after completion of the workshop!